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The Power of Choice

Choice. It’s something we practice each and every day. As consumers, we make choices when accepting a new job, buying a car, building a home, or even purchasing a new phone or laptop; and these choices are based on our requirements.  For instance, it wouldn’t make much sense to purchase a new two-seater sports car if that will be the only vehicle that you’ll be driving to transport your family of five around!

Organizations today also experience this each and every day as they make decisions to navigate the waters of staying competitive, being more efficient, and on top of that – keeping their assets, including their customer information secure while ensuring they’re adhering to laws and regulations.  Today’s modern enterprise is leveraging the benefits identity management provides to do just that. However, while organizations may all have common fundamental requirements, they also have varying needs, especially as many are undergoing digital transformations that include varying cloud-first initiatives and evolving infrastructures that make them each unique.

Today, SailPoint unveiled a strategy that gives our customers the freedom of choice when deploying their identity platform. As always, SailPoint is committed to being a customer-centric organization and today’s announcement is another proof point of that. We’ve not only put our customers’ needs first, but we’re giving them the most comprehensive set of deployment options in the industry today. Now, our customers have the ability to deploy our identity platform in a way that fits their infrastructure needs best, spanning deployment choices including:

  • SaaS: Delivered as a turn-key software-as-a-service offering to enable mid-sized enterprises to rapidly adopt a comprehensive approach to identity that takes advantage of the fast time-to-value and ease-of-use that SaaS provides.
  • Public Cloud: Customer hosted in a public cloud platform (like Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure) to maximize the benefits of a fully owned and operated identity governance platform balanced with the agility and efficiencies of the public cloud.
  • Data Center: Deployed on-premises, for those organization with a desire to maintain complete control of their identity infrastructure while addressing the sophisticated needs of the large enterprise environment.
  • Managed Service: Hosted and delivered by a trusted Managed Service Provider, delegating some or all identity governance administration to a proven service provider to assess, deploy, manage and support overall identity efforts; with partners including Accenture, Column Technologies, Grabowsky, IDMWORKS, NNIT and PwC.

With this week’s announcement, we’re helping our customers realize the benefits identity provides to manage, secure, and govern access of each and every user that touches their network.  Now you can make SailPoint identity solutions a reality for your organization as thousands of other global enterprises have as well. You have the power of choice without compromise.