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The Missing Link: Combining Identity Security with Cloud Access Management

The adoption of Infrastructure as a Services (IaaS) is rapidly increasing, with more than 78% of organizations using at least 2 different cloud IaaS platforms. Many organizations have adopted stand-alone Cloud Access Management solutions to monitor their multi-cloud environments, but is that enough? While these solutions are good at providing visibility into cloud access, they lack the ability to link cloud access back to an identity within the organization. This makes it difficult to know how or why that access was provided and changing cloud access without that knowledge could cause disruptions in business processes or worse introduce security and compliance risks. Without a doubt, organizations need an integrated solution that goes beyond visibility, providing insights that drive action with proven and trusted identity solutions.

In the coming months, SailPoint will be releasing the initial integration between its Cloud Access Management solution and market-leading SaaS identity platform, providing comprehensive cloud access visibility and governance for organizations across Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. This will allow SailPoint users to view IaaS access in real-time, arming their administrators and reviewers with the details they need to make more informed decisions around cloud access.  

What’s ahead 

Future expansion of this integration will continue to take advantage of SailPoint’s unique position for managing and governing cloud access with a particular focus in key areas of Access Requests, Certifications, and Separation of Duties Policies.  By linking identity security and cloud access management organizations will be able to enforce existing policies and procedures on cloud access, just as they are used for all other access across the enterprise. 

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