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The Importance of Identity in a Hybrid IT World

If your organization is like many, you’re moving more and more applications to the cloud or introducing numerous APIs into your environment as a part your digital transformation. Wherever you are in the various stages of your cloud journey, even if you have a cloud-first mandate, you will find yourself experiencing both the benefits and challenges of a hybrid IT environment.

Along the way, existing infrastructure, whether it is software or hardware, has been spread throughout your IT environment, resulting in a hybrid and complex infrastructure to manage. Additionally, many existing, perhaps legacy or homegrown, applications that are critical to business success and day-to-day operations lack SaaS equivalents. On top of this, the rising number of security, compliance, and regulatory requirements are necessitating the need to maintain critical applications on-premises or in-country, which is making identity security equally as important as data security.

To ease your digital transformation and meet security requirements, identity is now the critical component. As organizations like yours migrate data and applications to the cloud, you should keep identity at the forefront and look for solutions that answer three key questions:

1. Are you who you say you are?

2. Are you doing what you’re supposed to be doing?

3. Do you have access to what you are supposed to?

In order to answer these questions, identity solutions are needed to help customers streamline their identity security in this new hybrid IT norm.

Customers are demanding (and deserving of) solutions that enable access to applications and APIs in the public cloud, private cloud and/or on-premises. They need secure solutions that assure the correct users are getting the right access to the applications and data they require. Fortunately, leaders in the identity space recognize these requirements and are working together on open- standards built solutions that provide a flexible, secure and scalable identity ecosystem. With customization, configuration, and out-of-the-box integration capabilities, identity and access management leaders are simplifying customers’ management and deployment of new applications and APIs within their existing infrastructures. All these capabilities enable organizations to easily balance control and security of their hybrid environments.

To close, leading identity solutions exist to help customers fortify their security posture without costly and time-sensitive integrations. The result is increased visibility, greater governance and control, and seamless and secure access for all users.

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