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The Future of IAM Is Cloud-Based – Are You Ready?

Authored by David Mattos, Chief Revenue Officer iC Consult/SecureITsource

The digitization of organizations is advancing rapidly. Business processes and customer relationships are quickly moving to digital platforms, and managing digital identities is becoming increasingly important. David Mattos, Chief Revenue Officer iC Consult/ SecureITsource, explains why modern cloud-based Identity models are an excellent option for many organizations.  

In today’s open, flexible, and highly scalable enterprise, all identities rapidly become the new security perimeter. Strong Identity and Access Management is the new lynchpin of the security architecture. Identity Governance (IGA) is the foundation of that architecture to establish the standards and sound processes that allow you to build a secure perimeter while enabling your workforce to accelerate business.    

In the past, even experienced security teams have often struggled to meet these high demands. On-premise deployments have been the standard of identity governance. These highly customizable solutions have long allowed large enterprises to secure their identities while allowing them to establish custom rules catering to their complex application architecture.   

With Modern Identity, all of this is changing as best-of-breed solution providers, like SailPoint, develop SaaS platforms like SailPoint IdentityNow that allow an organization to deploy and scale an identity governance program faster and with less disruption to their workforce. SailPoint has also leveraged its most vital Admiral partners, like SecureITsource, to provide expert deployment services and highly scalable Managed Services to provide long-term support for a cloud-first identity program. There are many benefits to this approach.   

  • Organizations benefit from a powerful best-of-breed solution such as SailPoint without building and maintaining internal expertise or investing in dedicated systems.  
  • They replace costly one-time investments (CapEx) with attractive monthly operating costs (OpEx) and thus protect their resources and their liquidity  
  • Managed Services from iC Consult/SecureITsource offer you a robust and secure end-to-end IAM solution with 24/7 monitoring and excellent support – something that is hard to achieve with internal resources  
  • Cloud-based IAM relieves the development team from managing day-to-day IAM issues, allowing them to focus on business-critical development objectives  

The bottom line is simple: With SailPoint IdentityNow and iC Consult/SecureITsource expert professional services and managed services, your company will benefit from a seamlessly integrated best-of-breed IGA solution. Together, we eliminate costly and complex implementations, achieve faster time-to-value, and provide long-term care and feeding for your IGA program through our Managed Services.    

As a certified SailPoint Admiral Delivery Partner, iC Consult/SecureITsource (now part of iC Consult) has enjoyed a long and successful partnership with SailPoint. We look forward to helping you successfully deploy SailPoint IdentityNow towards building a cloud-first IGA program that accelerates your business. As part of iC Consult – the world’s leading IAM consultancy, we draw on extensive experience from over 3,000 IAM projects, and we are well positioned to support you over the lifecycle of your program – from envisioning, to designing and deploying modern IGA, to fully support the program for the long-term.   

Would you like to learn more?  

If you want to learn more about us, please join our SailPoint Navigate Session “Creative Technology Solutions: Operationalizing Identity & Security – Using IGA to Simplify M&A” on Tuesday, October 4, at 1 pm CST. Our presenter Maxfield Borchard, Identity Solutions Advisor at iC Consult, will be joined by Elie Antoine Abouzeid, Vice President at DentaQuest. We will discuss how SailPoint IdentityNow helped DentaQuest successfully manage the expansion of the IGA program after a recent merger.   

If you are at Navigate this year, please feel free to book an appointment with one of our experts. We are more than happy to connect with you!