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Making Identity Secure and Easy with SailPoint for Slack

Technology must be easy. We hear this all the time. And of course, you can’t do business without technology. This is where the two must align but that’s not always an easy thing. The rallying cry from your users is “don’t make me think!” This means that we must adapt the technology experience to the way that users typically think and interact during their everyday lives. The turning point for applications such as Uber, Airbnb and Amazon was how easy and intuitive these companies made it to quickly request and receive the services you wanted, immediately. If you had to spend a half-hour trying to request an Uber while standing on the corner, well you get the idea.   

For me the turning point of easy to use technology was my universal remote. I know many of you can relate. Having to bounce back and forth between all my various remotes drove me crazy when I just wanted to sit back and watch my favorite show. Inevitably, everything would get out of whack and then nothing would work. And having to teach my Mom how to use multiple remotes when she would come over to visit, well forget that.  My universal remote changed all that — one simple, intuitive interface that made my life easier.  

Technology has to be easy, and it must must be everywhere you are all of the time, where you live, work and play. 

Identity security should be the same way.   

At SailPoint, we are always trying to innovate to make our customers’ lives easier and simpler with identity security. An important way to achieve this is to provide identity security capabilities within applications that enterprises use most — which are most often collaboration tools like Slack.   

SailPoint now provides the power of identity security where your users are – their Slack workspace. SailPoint for Slack enables users to get the access they need to stay productive from within the tool they use the most, all while maintaining strict governance and compliance controls. SailPoint for Slack provide users access to corporate resources anytime, anywhere right from Slack.  

By enabling this functionality within Slack, organizations can improve employee productivity and at the same time reduce the turnaround time for requesting and approving applications that are mission-critical tasks in any organization.   

One of our core mantras at SailPoint is how to make onboarding and Day 1 access easier for new employees by giving or enabling them to get access in the quickest time possible. 

SailPoint for Slack enables users to stay productive from the tool they use everyday, all while ensuring access is always right-sized for each user. Enabling users with a more intuitive and familiar user interface allows organizations and users to gain a shorter learning curve and get the access they need when they need it.  

Each of these benefits below are accessible through the Slack mobile app as well, giving users secure access whether they  are at their computer or on the go: 

  • Increase productivity and efficiency by requesting application access right within Slack 
  • Eliminate the continuous distraction of switching between multiple applications
  • Accelerate the delivery of application access – no more lengthy approval times or manual IT requests

See how easy it is to enable secure application requests and approvals right within Slack, anytime, anywhere. 

To learn more about SailPoint for Slack, be sure to check out our SailPoint for Slack integration page.