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Embed Identity Security with SailPoint’s Open, Extensible SaaS Platform

The global pandemic turned the world upside down with a new normal. Just look at the digital transformation. What might have taken five to 10 years before COVID-19 is happening right now in the blink of an eye. With many of us working remotely, technology-driven transformation is now front and center, driving an exponential proliferation of cloud applications as well as cyber risk.   

I don’t think anyone will argue that in order to maintain a secure infrastructure is essential to ensure that access is appropriate for each person based on their role and job duties. However, with ever-increasing workloads and the number of applications we all have to work within simultaneously, workers just want to focus on getting work done. In contrast, IT and security teams want to ensure that work is done securely. On top of that, workers don’t want to spend time on tedious manual work, like creating and submitting help desk tickets and having to enter data into a bunch of fields. We all have a limited number of hours in a day and are trying to be as productive as possible -am I right?   

That’s why SailPoint is taking a huge step towards helping organizations automate and infuse identity security into their critical business processes so workers can simply focus on what they do best while also ensuring it’s done securely and compliant to policy. We are doing this by opening up our SaaS platform and extending our core identity security capabilities via APIs and event triggers to quickly build automated low/no-code integrations, solutions, and workflows to meet their business needs.   

For example, suppose a business has an employee who just started and needs a badge and laptop provisioned ASAP. Traditionally, this would have been a manual process requiring IT to manually submit a ticket to provision a badge and a laptop to the newly hired employee. This process can now be automated along with the automated provisioning of access for this person’s new role – saving a lot of IT time and cost and ensuring worker productivity on day one.   

But let’s look at this from the realm of creating a more secure environment. Using SailPoint identity security, organizations can proactively monitor for risky access behavior, such as an account accessing the same app from different locations within minutes. With SailPoint, once these nefarious activities are detected, it can be automatically logged into your SIEM solution so security analysts can get rapid visibility and take action.    

SailPoint’s extensible identity platform provides the foundation to create a connected, adaptable cloud environment where you can create custom, tailored solutions to fit your specific business needs and enable you to quickly adapt and react to today’s uncertain threat landscape.  

One thing you can count on, we’re continually looking for ways to simplify and enhance the customer experience when interacting with our products. It’s important to us that we help our customers maximize productivity and increase operational efficiency. With our identity platform’s extensible capabilities, the sky’s the limit in terms of what customers can achieve with our proven identity security platform.   

This is just the beginning; we will continue to advance our platform features. The newly launched SailPoint Developer Community shows our commitment to this effort by providing customers with the best developer experience possible. We will be rolling out libraries, sample code, and applications to help businesses leverage and integrate to SailPoint and build world-class solutions. Our customers and partner ecosystem are at the center of how we innovate as we continue to collaborate and share products and apps built on our platform. We are thrilled to go on this journey with organizations today as we explore together the limits of what’s truly possible. Here’s to 2021.