The Power of Identity and Privilege: SailPoint, Okta and CyberArk are Coming to a City Near You

I’m a big proponent of the 1 + 1 = 3 benefits of partnering.  The meaning, of course, is that by partnering, the whole becomes a more significant benefit than the sum of the parts.  Think mac and cheese, thunder and lighting, Simon and Garfunkel – well you get the idea. So, what would you call it when you have 1 + 1 + 1?  That is what we would refer to as the ‘Identity Trifecta.’

Together SailPoint, Okta, and CyberArk have come together to provide a complete solution to address every aspect of your identity needs including access management, identity governance and privileged access.

The Identity Trifecta in Motion

We are excited to announce that together, we will be conducting a North America roadshow event in six cities near you with CyberArk and Okta.

Why did these three identity industry leaders come together and hit the road to share this exciting story? Well for one, organizations have more challenging and pressing technology concerns than ever before. Maintaining a modern computing environment means more applications, more users and more data in more places. That, of course, means more risk.

With the integrated partnership between SailPoint, Okta and CyberArk, organizations can now gain the best of all worlds to address these challenges facing every modern enterprise.

The Power of Three: SailPoint + Okta + CyberArk

The combined solutions from SailPoint, Okta and CyberArk provide enterprises with automated access and governance controls that work across today’s highly diverse IT environment.  Now, organizations can leverage Okta’s access management solutions to provide secure, single-sign-on (SSO) and adaptive multi-factor authentication (MFA) coupled with SailPoint’s identity governance. Moreover, with the integration of CyberArk Privileged Access Security provides a unified, single pane of glass view of all identities, including privileged identities and access entitlements across the enterprise.

Together, SailPoint, Okta and CyberArk provide a unified identity solution that enables enterprises to securely manage and govern all users including both privileged and non-privileged application and data access throughout the employee/partner lifecycle, from onboarding through off-boarding. With these best of breed solutions all working together, enterprises can ensure essential identity functions are secure and automated, authorization policies are enforced, and user access activity is documented and compliant. The result is that enterprises can maintain a high level of user productivity, compliance and security.

To learn more about the benefits of these combined identity solutions, be sure to attend this informative, interactive event and determine how you can securely and effectively authenticate, provision and govern access to all your applications and data across a hybrid cloud and on-premises enterprise.

The events will be at six locations across North America including Tampa, New York, Dallas, Seattle, Washington D.C. and Toronto. Register for the location that works best for you, and we will see you there!