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The Powers of Identity and Privilege: Seeing is Believing

Keeping organizations secure, while improving business and user productivity in today’s accelerating threat environment, continues to be a challenge for today’s IT and security leaders. As we have seen time and time again, the ongoing threat from cyber-attacks has demonstrated their ability to change the global business environment in an instant. As organizations adopt digital transformations, cloud first initiatives and mobile strategies, their attack surface widens and provides new pathways for attackers to exploit unprotected businesses. Once the attackers get in, they seek access to the heart of the enterprise with the intent to cause costly harm that can include damaged reputations, financial losses and stolen intellectual property. To address these challenges, SailPoint, Okta and CyberArk have recently joined forces and hit the road, traveling across North America together to share our unified identity solution that addresses every aspect of an organization’s identity needs including access management, identity governance and privileged access security.

Throughout this roadshow series, organizations from Seattle to Tampa learned how to securely manage and govern all users – including both privileged and non-privileged application and data access – across the employee/partner lifecycle, from onboarding through off-boarding. With these best-of-breed solutions integrated, enterprises can ensure essential identity functions are secure and automated, authorization policies are enforced, and user access activity is documented and compliant. The result is that enterprises can maintain a high level of user productivity, compliance and security.

One of the best parts of the roadshow was our integrated product demonstration. Sometimes you just have to see it to believe it. Through this technology integration we were able to demonstrate how organizations can leverage Okta’s access management solutions to provide secure, single-sign-on (SSO) and adaptive multi-factor authentication (MFA), coupled with SailPoint’s identity governance, allowing users to seamlessly authenticate while governing access across any platform or application on-premises or in the cloud and the integration of CyberArk Privileged Account Security enables a unified, single pane of glass view of all identities, including privileged identities (individuals and applications) and access entitlements across the enterprise.

The combination of SailPoint, Okta and CyberArk provides best-in-class integration for strategic identity management and privileged access security. Enterprises can now ensure that essential identity functions are secure and automated, authorization policies are enforced, and both privileged and non-privileged user access activity is documented and compliant.

Now we have made this live demonstration available to you through this new recording. Check out the following video and learn how by combining SailPoint the leader in identity governance, Okta, the leader in identity access management and CyberArk, the leader in privileged access security; together, organizations can now have a unified solution to manage and govern all users securely.