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SailPoint is ALL IN

Around the world, 2020 has certainly had its fair share of heartache and unrest. Here in the US, these past few weeks have proven particularly challenging, providing a stark reminder that we still have a lot of work ahead of us to repair generations of inequality in our world.

While there are many needed discussions to be had on this topic, one thing is clear: we each have the responsibility to do more, and to do better.

Our CEO, Mark McClain, spoke in his recent video blog about our company-wide commitment to listen, to learn and to take meaningful steps to improve the future for all.  As a follow-on to that, I wanted to share how we are standing in support of and alongside those dedicated to the important work of enabling positive change and equality. At SailPoint, we’re focused on continually showing up and intensifying our own efforts in a number of ways, including:

  • SailPoint Gives Back, our recently formalized philanthropic foundation, will increase its financial commitment and “sweat equity” support of Code2College, an organization focused on increasing the number of minority and low-income high school students who enter and excel in STEM undergraduate majors and careers.
  • SailPoint’s inaugural support of the National Urban League will help advance its mission to provide tools to African Americans and under-served populations to build a foundation for social and economic equality.
  • SailPoint also partners with Notley Ventures on Notley Tide, a cohort of organizations and individuals joined together on a mission to advance racial justice in our communities. Like SailPoint, Notley Tide Corporate Partners denounces systemic injustice against people of color, committed to moving beyond talk and into sustained action. As a Notley Tide Corporate Partner, SailPoint will amplify the work of Racial Justice Partners who are working on the ground to effect change. 
  • ALL IN, our employee resource group formed in 2019, (formerly called the SailPoint Global Resource Group), helps ensure we are making thoughtful and intentional decisions at SailPoint that move us towards greater levels of diversity and inclusion across the organization.

We believe our support of these organizations is a critical part of our journey towards impacting real change as there is still much to do. SailPoint cares deeply about our team, our communities, and our customers. This sentiment is steeped in our ‘Four I’ core values (Innovation, Impact, Integrity, Individuals). Our ‘individuals’ core value simply states, “We value every person in our company” – and by extension, all people in our communities. When we include crew members from all backgrounds and experiences, I am always amazed at how our core values present themselves in all parts of our business.

At SailPoint, these core values run deeply throughout our company DNA, never a fad or a buzzword. As recent events have proven, it has never been more critical that all of us re-double our commitment to each of these values, but especially to the ‘individuals’ core value. On that, SailPoint is ALL IN.