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SailPoint Enables ANY Security Printing Company to Slash Provisioning and Access Certification Times

Founded in 1851, ANY Security Printing Company, based in Hungary, Budapest prints a wide variety of security products: tax stamps, security stickers, secure document cards, identification cards, passports, and more. ANY Security Printing Company, and its subsidiaries with about 1000 employees altogether, service primarily organizations in the government, transportation, retail, and financial sectors in various world regions.

As one might imagine, security — and especially identity management — is crucial to its success.

Because of its workforce’s dispersed nature and the number of regulations with which ANY Security Printing Company must comply, more than sixteen in total, the company had long sought the ideal identity management system for its needs, but each seemed to fall short.

The regulations with which ANY Security Printing Company must contend run the gamut from the Payment Card Industry Card Production, ISO 27001 Standard to High Security Printers (ISO 14298) industry certifications to financial regulations from a publicly-traded company. Being highly regulated means, the company also needs a clear view of their identities and the permissions and insight into staff’s daily usage.

However, getting approvals for access and maintaining insight into that access required extensive paper-based trails and detailed records. That included a paper record for every access request, every approval, and every deployment before it could take effect. With a growing number of employees, it was just not efficient.

“It wasn’t possible to manually handle these demands effectively,” says Norbert Szász, IT development and operations director at ANY Security Printing Company. “It took too long to review and change permissions, and the system was always outdated. But we had a lot of paper moving around,” Szász says.

Still, getting such documentation correct was essential to ensure staff had the right access levels to the appropriate resources. It was also time-consuming. “The approval process was taking up to five days, and the access certification process, which was reviewed quarterly, was taking more than a week,” Szász explains. Because ANY Security Printing Company has two offices across Budapest, when requests were made at the second office, and the approvals occur within the other office, the changes didn’t quickly post. “We had to move the request, and that took at least two days for all of the processes around its approval.

“We were very, very hungry for change,” says Szász.

The change to automated identity management workflow

With internal security demands, and the need to comply with so many regulations, the team sought an identity management platform that would effectively manage user permissions. Additionally, because of the diverse nature of the applications they use, Szász explains that it was essential that their identity management system would work with all of them.

Ideally, ANY Security Printing Company would attain digital workflows, shorten request handling time, improve their access certification process, introduce more flexible traceability and easier auditable access rights. After a thorough evaluation, ANY Security Printing Company chose SailPoint. With SailPoint, ANY Security Printing Company can implement automated workflow policy management, provisioning, and access certifications. With SailPoint, the team can now see how access is being used and ensure that access is proper.

“What caught our attention was SailPoint’s ability to streamline our certification process and place the control of the process where it belongs, and SailPoint would be more straightforward than the others to deploy because of its ease to integrate with all of our applications,” Szász explains.

Szász and his team got underway quickly with digitizing their paper-based workflows. “When we integrated SailPoint, we could instantly eliminate the time which would be needed for these requests and approvals. It was very effective to switch our approval and review process to SailPoint,” says Szász.

With SailPoint, the team as able to slash the amount of time it took to provision new users, make changes, and properly certify access.

As part of ANY Security Printing Company’s efforts to digitize and automate their manual identity workflows also included upgrading their legacy HR application. And SailPoint helped ANY Security Printing Company unlock value from its new HR application. With SailPoint and the new HR system, the team had access to and the ability to use all of the information they needed to manage user access and get the approvals they needed. We quickly integrate built the identities. The process was very swift,” says Szász.

Szász and the team will continue working to streamline their identity management and governance efforts in the near term. Their priorities include harmonizing their job titles with the same job functions throughout the company, to improve how they approve first rights permissions. They will also soon create dynamic role populations and assign business roles to those populations. “That’s how we can move toward more effective permission-handling without having an unnecessarily long approval process and eliminate human-based mistakes,” he says.

“We have a lot of work ahead of us,” adds Szász. “But SailPoint fits our every need. It’s just a matter of adding more applications and digitizing more processes from here. And, eventually, we will forget all about the paper-based process, because it will all be handled within SailPoint,” Szász says.