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SailPoint certification and free resources to get started: The inside scoop 

Author: Denise Denson-Hanson, AVP, Community and Education, SailPoint

SailPoint certification exams are not easy. We designed them that way. We don’t want just anybody earning our seal of approval. When our customers train their teams or entrust a Partner with their SailPoint identity security program, we want them to be confident that their SailPoint Certified engineers can do the job right from the start. In fact, if you’re reading this right now and wondering if you have a SailPoint Certified professional working on your program, you can look them up in our newly released SailPoint Certified Professional Directory

That said, SailPoint certification exams aren’t designed to trick candidates or be impossible to pass. Our exams are designed to weed out people who are good at taking exams but aren’t ready to implement SailPoint. For example, there is a plethora of preparation courses to get you ready for American standardized university entrance exams (SAT, ACT, GMAT, LSAT, etc.). The bulk of these courses are designed to improve your chances of achieving a high score through test-taking strategies such as narrowing down answer choices based on a process of elimination. These prep courses teach you how to take the exam, rather than how to master the subject matter on the exam. Our SailPoint certification exams remove the ability for good test gamers to eliminate answers—you need to really know SailPoint to pass. 

As Diego Galletti from Quad attests, SailPoint certification helped him strengthen his SailPoint expertise and grow as an identity security professional. “Obtaining a certification was an important achievement to demonstrate the knowledge and experience gained on the SailPoint solution. I believe it helped me understand better many identity concepts and how the SailPoint features should be applied. It helped expand my identity program view and get visibility with many other companies and peers on LinkedIn.” 

About the SailPoint certification exams 
We use what’s called discrete option multiple choice for our certification exams. Rather than getting a set of multiple-choice answers to choose from, you are asked a “yes” or “no” question identifying whether a statement is correct. You are presented with multiple questions on a particular topic to home in on whether you can identify the correct and incorrect answers. Here are some example discrete option multiple choice questions testing basic mathematics comprehension (not SailPoint specific): 

Put simply, either you know these math concepts, or you don’t. It’s the same idea with our certification exams. Either you know SailPoint, or you don’t. If you want to experience this exam method, test it out for yourself (it’s free and short):  

Our goal isn’t to make SailPoint certification tricky. We promise. Our goal is to ensure that our customers can trust our SailPoint Certified badge of approval. In fact, we are committed to increasing the number of SailPoint Certified professionals, and we want to uncomplicate the certification process! 

Introducing a free 6-part webinar certification preparation series 
Starting on March 28, we are launching a 3-month challenge to earn your SailPoint Professional Certification. Our SailPoint Certified experts will host a free 6-part webinar series to guide you through training, prep resources, and study tips to successfully earn your first entry-level certification. We will discuss what SailPoint skills you need to master to successfully pass the certification exam. Remember: certification exams are only open to customers and partners at this time.  

With the launch of our 3-month certification challenge, we are also announcing that you get 2 certification exam attempts for the price of just 1 exam. We want to ensure you have the opportunity to succeed, so if you don’t pass your certification exam on the first try, you get a second try at no additional cost. This offer will be valid on all certification exams, moving forward, starting on March 28.  

Are you up to the SailPoint certification challenge? Test your skills and prove that you’re up to our high SailPoint standards. Register for our free certification prep webinar series.