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SailPoint and ServiceNow

SailPoint provides an industry-leading identity governance platform that provides visibility, control and automation for the lifecycle of user access to applications and data. ServiceNow provides IT service management software as a service. Integration between SailPoint and ServiceNow gives mutual customers a complementary identity governance and service management solution that ensures strong controls are in place to meet stringent security and compliance requirements around user access to sensitive applications.

SailPoint provides three options to integrate with ServiceNow.

SailPoint ServiceNow Connector

For ServiceNow User Management, you can use the SailPoint ServiceNow Connector, which supports aggregation and provisioning for ServiceNow accounts and groups. With this connector, you can manage ServiceNow users’ access to different roles and groups. Using SailPoint Lifecycle management, different events like Joiner, mover, leaver are triggered. Our ServiceNow connector plays an important role in Lifecycle management by provisioning new ServiceNow accounts, updating existing accounts or disabling an account in case of Leaver workflow. It also helps in compliance and certification, where it can revoke access of ServiceNow accounts’ to ServiceNow groups and roles when required. It also supports password management of ServiceNow Accounts. The ServiceNow connector supports managing custom attributes in case ServiceNow user schema attributes are extended for additional capabilities.

SailPoint ServiceNow Service Desk Integration

This integration enables customers to put governance in place resulting in quick time to value. It provides the ability to extend governance to applications that do not support direct provisioning. Using this integration, when you request something from SailPoint, it will automatically create service requests ticket in ServiceNow. The integration also supports creating incident or change request ticket types in ServiceNow. The ServiceNow ticket can be manually fulfilled by a ServiceNow administrator. The status will be updated back to SailPoint. Thus, it provides closed loop auditing to track ticket completion.

SailPoint ServiceNow Service Catalog Integration

For ServiceNow Users, to have a similar Service Request experience for all type of requests (i.e. whether it is about ordering a laptop or requesting access on Active Directory group), this integration can be used. It provides an option to request roles from Service Portal using Service Catalog experience. It has an option of self-service as well as making a request for others. In the background,  the actual request fulfillment is done by SailPoint and the status is updated on the ServiceNow Ticket. ServiceNow is one of the most flexible cloud solutions and offers an extraordinary degree of customizability for all kinds of requirements. ServiceNow Customers’ Service Portals are highly customized, so the out of the box integration may not work as it is in this case. It may need some enhancement to support customer-specific customization. So, this integration follows an API-based approach, which provides flexibility to enhance it as per customer needs.

Using SailPoint ServiceNow Integration Modules and ServiceNow together, customers benefit from both products’ features:

  • Single interface and process for all business user requests
  • Mitigate the risk of access requests and password changes using governance controls
  • Reduced costs through elimination of help desk calls for access requests and password changes
  • Improved orchestration and validation of manual/automated access changes