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Royal Floraholland Wins Big with SaaS

Meet SailPoint customer, Royal Floraholland. Royal Floraholland is a cooperative of growers in the floriculture industry that processes 100,000 transactions a day. Being the largest floriculture marketplace in the world, they needed an identity solution that would enable them to scale the growing business quickly and allow them to pivot and adapt to changing business needs – something we’re all familiar with right now.

With SailPoint, Royal Floraholland has:

  • Automated the ability to give and revoke access to employees
  • Reduced risk by managing user access privileges
  • Freed up their time to focus on business intelligence

Don’t take our word for it though. Marc de Koos, Identity & Access Management Program Manager at Royal Floraholland shares more on their SaaS identity program in the video below.