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Rethinking Work in Identity

The world around us continues to rapidly change with the impact of COVID-19 and the sharpened focus on equality for all. 

At SailPoint, we view our evolving landscape as a nearly once in a lifetime opportunity to make a significant shift in how we continue to build and grow our crew.  We are modernizing our people strategy to work together while staying safe, sharpening our focus on Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging (DIBs) and continuing to meet the needs of our growing business.  In short, we are Rethinking Work.

Rethinking Everything

While in this mode of rethinking everything around us –  from showing up in our communities,  to teaching our children, to time with friends and family, we are also considering how rapid change impacts our crew.

The thing is, at SailPoint, we’ve always approached our team with the notion that we measure impact, not hours spent on the job. This goes back to our ‘Four I’ core values which have been with us from day one. We recognize and reward results, not activity, no matter how little or long that work takes and importantly, no matter where that work takes place. 

Rethinking Talent

For our team, it’s not so much about rethinking work since we have always taken a different approach, measuring results and impact. Instead, it’s become an opportunity to extend what we’ve always done in new and interesting ways. For example, the world is now flat for all of us – there’s no need to think small-scale when it comes to recruiting – your talent can come from any corner of the earth now. This is so important for us as we push hard to make a lasting impact on diversity, inclusion and belonging efforts at SailPoint. We have the chance today to think bigger when it comes to attracting the right talent for a particular job, attracting and retaining talent that further diversifies the SailPointCrew – no matter where that talent is located.

Rethinking Work

Going back to the ‘world is flat’ concept – this most certainly applies to our refined approach to our SailPoint workspaces around the globe. While we still very much value the ability to be together in SailPoint locations around the world, our approach to office space is shifting to a distributed model. By that I mean that we’ll be giving crew members the option of coming into the office if they are nearby and would like to share space with their fellow crew members, but instead of permanent office space, we’ll move to a ‘hoteling’ environment. Crew members will have a designated “Harbor” area in which to collaborate with their teams but hoteling continues to ensure that great work happens while our team remains healthy and safe.

Going back to our ‘Four I’ core values, the wellbeing of our crewmembers (‘Individuals’) is the top priority for our organization. While it has always mattered to us that our crew had the chance to strike the right work/life balance, with the shift to virtual working, everyone’s world has been flipped upside down. Work and personal boundaries have shifted with kids at home remote learning, spouses now working side-by-side and Zoom meetings galore. To give our crew the chance to refocus throughout the week, we’ve implemented ‘Free2Focus’ time each week. Going forward, there will be no meetings held from 10-12pm CT on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This will lessen the Zoom fatigue we all struggle with, especially those with kids at home where Zoom ‘quiet space’ may be harder to come by.

All of these adjustments are meant to give our crew the chance to shine even brighter while expanding our talent in new and exciting ways. At the end of the day, we’re in this together and are still very much laser-focused on our ‘SAILon’ mantra which first emerged when the pandemic initially struck earlier this year. In this new permanent reality, we may be sailing on a little bit differently, but we’re even stronger than ever.