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Patent Granted for SailPoint Predictive Identity

From Edison’s lightbulb to Bell’s telephone, innovations that become tangible products can drastically change how we see, hear, and connect. And out of the realm of ideation turned reality comes SailPoint Predictive Identity, which was recently granted a patent by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

See press release on patent for Application of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to Predictive Identity

The patent—titled “System and Method for Peer Group Detection, Visualization and Analysis in Identity Management Artificial Intelligence Systems Using Cluster-Based Analysis of Network Identity Graphs”—applies the power of AI and machine learning (ML) to identity governance. AI and ML, when applied to identity data, speeds the discovery, visualization and analysis of peer groups, delivering highly-accurate, relevant and scalable results.

See patent details here

Today, with this patent in hand, we’re taking the next step in our fierce commitment to delivering on the promise we make every day to our current and future customers: developing innovative identity solutions to address our customers’ most pressing business challenges.

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Here are the benefits of SailPoint Predictive Identity as we harness the power of AI and ML to remove complexity and make identity easy.

  • It enables identity to be autonomous while you stay in complete control.
  • It monitors the environment in real-time and anticipates how access should change.
  • It learns and adapts as your business and IT environments evolve.
  • It connects and controls access to everything and everyone in your organization.
  • It shows you where attention is needed, recommends actions, and takes the lead proactively.
  • And, the latest releases of IdentityIQ and IdentityNow leverage the SailPoint Predictive Identity recommendation engine to simplify access certifications.

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As we continue rolling out the SailPoint Predictive Identity vision, much like Edison’s lightbulb, we hope to enlighten the next phase of identity in the enterprise.

Over the next few weeks, SailPoint’s Paul Trulove will act as the tour guide for the new identity future by publishing blogs on specific use cases that SailPoint Predictive Identity will enable. Stay up to date here.