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Partner of the year awards

Authored by Dave Schwartz, Global Head of Partners

Faster. Tougher. Together.  

These three words sum up SailPoint’s Partner ecosystem. We are working to provide faster time to value, encouraging each other to stay tough as we grow and leaning in with our partners that address our customers’ most challenging problems. 

Driving change takes time, effort, and collaboration. The SailPoint 2022 Partner of the Year winners demonstrated they have what it takes to delight our joint customers. Winners are selected carefully, looking at overall partner impact, engagement, alignment, customer value, and solution creation. 

Our Partner of the Year awards are divided into three categories: Global Alliance, Global Innovation, and Regional Partners.   

Global Alliance Partner of the Year is awarded to the partner who not only has global coverage and scope but also demonstrates leadership, strong engagement, and knowledge of SailPoint solutions and is committed to excellence in delivery and implementation. 

Global Innovation Partner of the Year is determined by a nomination process and awarded to the partner committed to collaboration and innovation in the identity space.  

Regional Partner of the Year is a geo-specific award given to the partner who has shown dedication and awareness of SailPoint solutions, proficiency in the implementation and delivery of identity solutions, and has significantly impacted the region in which they operate. 

We proudly announce Price Waterhouse Cooper (PwC) as our Global Alliance Partner of the Year. Thank you for your strong partnership with SailPoint.  

After a competitive nomination process, we are excited to congratulate Accenture as SailPoint’s Global Innovation Partner of the Year. Your creativity and input into our solutions make us all better.  

Congratulations to our Regional Partner of the Year winners, announcing Deloitte as SailPoint’s AMS Partner of the Year, PwC as our APAC Partner of the Year, and Idento as our EMEA Partner of the Year. Thank you to our Regional Partner winners.  

And thank you to all our partners who continue to provide time to value for our customers. We continue to be faster and tougher together.  

Here are our 2022 winners: 

  • Global Partner of the Year – PwC  
  • Global Innovation Partner of the Year – Accenture 
  • AMS Partner of the Year – Deloitte 
  • APAC Partner of the Year – PwC 
  • EMEA Partner of the Year – Idento  

In addition to our partner awards, SailPoint would like to recognize the contributions and commitment to excellence of our Delivery Admiral Partners. SailPoint’s Delivery Admiral designation is awarded to partners committed to delivery excellence, undergoing significant testing and training around SailPoint technology. Partners are measured on certified resources, implementation experience, and overall partner health. Partners can achieve Delivery Admiral status in either software, SaaS, or both categories.   

For a complete list of Delivery Admiral Partners and our Partner of the Year winners, please visit our website