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Navigate 2021 – The Identity Security Awards

Navigate ‘21 has officially kicked off in the Americas! Each year at the conference, SailPoint honors companies who are raising the bar for identity security by elevating their organization’s security posture and allowing their employees to focus on contributing to business impact. This year’s Identity Security Award winners are living […]

The Power of Identity Gives Integris Health the Power to be Compliant and Secure

Integris Health is a growing healthcare organization with more than 10,000 full-time employees and 5,000 contract employees across several facilities and clinics. Healthcare organizations are under increased scrutiny around how they protect and secure access to patients’ private healthcare information. To ensure adequate privacy and security protections for PHI, more […]

SailPoint Selected for NIST Zero Trust Implementation Project to Mitigate National Cybersecurity Risk

Authored by Frank Briguglio, CISSP | SailPoint Public Sector Strategist Digital transformation and IT modernization are increasing the adoption of cloud data and applications at a pace never seen before. Now, our borders are open to remote users and non-traditional mission partners, which have dissolved traditional network boundaries rendering them ineffective.  Today, to be secure, we must implement other methods: zero trust is a concept and paradigm shift in how we think […]

Millicom Builds Transformational Identity Security Program

Authored by Katherine Cola Millicom is a leading provider of cable, mobile and high-speed broadband services throughout Latin America. John Masserini, Global Chief Information Security Officer at Millicom, recently sat down with SailPoint to explain why identity is central to his organization’s overall security strategy.  While initially driven by compliance requirements, the need for a uniformed way to automate, manage, and govern access in […]

No Time to Spy: GCHQ Issues Its 10 Steps to Cyber Security

Authored by Stephen Bradford, SVP EMEA, SailPoint It was in GoldenEye that ‘M’ (a very modern incarnation played by Judi Dench), derided Bond as a ‘relic of the Cold War’ and a ‘dinosaur.’ Her sobriquet of Bond is likely something he wore with pride but let’s face it—the Bond incarnations […]

Meet the Wizards Behind SailPoint— Introducing Developer Day at Navigate 2021

As we make our way down the yellow brick road to Navigate 2021: Confidence Redefined, all of Oz (or SailPoint in this case) is busy putting together the identity security conference of the year starting on August 17. However, if you are a repeat Navigate attendee, you’ll notice a new addition to our agenda.  This year we will be hosting our first-ever Developer Day. The […]

Questions are Free: Identity Compromised

On this episode of Mistaken Identity, Mike Kiser is joined by Katherine Teitler, VP of Research and Advisory at TAG Cyber. Her recent research illustrates the shifting role of identity—from an IT process to a foundational approach for security. While that’s the starting point, the conversation roams into disinformation, “sources of […]

Identity Security: Three Big Opportunities for Utility Providers

Authored by: Casey Herman, PwC Partner, ESG Leader; Brad Bauch, PwC Principal, Advisory; and David Manks, SailPoint Technology Alliances & Partner Marketing If there was any doubt about the importance of cybersecurity in the utility industry, one needs simply to look at the recent news. Already this year, there have […]

Friday Quick-Take: Get the Scoop on SailPoint’s Leadership in the Latest Industry Analyst Report on Identity Governance and Administration (IGA)

It’s undeniable, the world has seen some major changes over the past year. Many of these changes have directly affected enterprises’ security needs. As the world evolves, SailPoint continues to display a strong understanding of existing and emerging challenges across the security landscape solidifying its position as the overall market leader in KuppingerCole’s 2021 Leadership Compass on IGA report.  KuppingerCole’s Leadership Compass on IGA provides […]

Women in Identity Security: Mariah Finleon, Inside Sales Director

Outside of our comfort zone is a place that most of us don’t like to be. That isn’t the case for SailPoint’s Mariah Finleon, Director of Inside Sales. In this Women in Identity blog, we sit down with Mariah and learn about her journey to identity security and who helped her get here.  Tell us a little about yourself and […]