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Women in Identity: Kaylee Reardon, Inside Account Executive

If you’ve ever used a swiss army knife, you know it has many different functions. That’s like SailPoint’s Kaylee Reardon, inside account executive, strategic enterprise, she can do it all. With a background in non-profit and software industries, she honed her skills in sales, fundraising, recruiting, hiring, training, client relations, […]

Three Ways to Improve Healthcare Compliance and Innovation with Identity Security

Authored by: Matthew Radcliffe Did you know there were more than 29 million healthcare records breached in 2020, and the second-leading cause of those breaches was unauthorized access?[1] If the last year has taught us anything, it’s that life can be unpredictable and sometimes we are forced to change — rapidly. […]

SailU: Launching Next Generation Identity Security Leaders

I’ve been thinking a good deal lately about Leila Janah’s quote: “talent is equally distributed, but opportunity is not.” At SAIL, I’ve always been inspired by our organization-wide passion for people. Over the past year, I’ve been particularly excited by the ways SailPoint has broadened the opportunity for more by […]

The Power to Prevent: How Access Risk Management Detects Threats Before They Develop

Authored by: Jody Paterson Now available within IdentityNow, SailPoint’s Access Risk Management enables organizations to get granular visibility into potential access risks within complex ERP systems such as SAP — even before access is approved and provisioned. One of the biggest challenges facing any enterprise is risk management, particularly managing risks […]

The Untold Risk of Automatic Remediation of Cloud Access

Authored by: Lori Robinson It’s inevitable that you will run across a situation where the cloud access configured in your environments is misconfigured or over provisioned. This is to be expected due to the high velocity, large volume, and wide variety of changes that are constantly taking place in cloud […]

Extensibility Made Easy with iPaaS Connectors

In the last decade, new innovative technologies have made our lives so much easier. Food arrives at our doorstep with the tap of a button. Alexa makes it easy for us to order anything we want by simply talking into a speaker. We can watch whatever movie or TV show, thanks to thousands of options on Netflix. At SailPoint, we’re taking the same approach of making our extensible SaaS […]

Five Trends Driving Digital Transformation in the Insurance Industry

Digital transformation is revolutionizing the insurance industry. Automation of manual processes, digitization of paper forms and records, and decision support fueled by artificial intelligence (AI) are rapidly becoming necessities rather than niceties. Here we explore five main reasons insurance providers must modernize to remain competitive. 1. Customer expectations have changed. […]

Leading by Example: The Trickle-Down Effect

“Leading by example” takes practice. It’s like muscle memory – when you repeat something over and over, it becomes second nature. As a business leader, I take this form of “exercise” very seriously. If I want my team to embrace a new way of thinking or to re-commit to an […]

Delivering Dynamic Governance to Potentially High-Risk Users

Authored by: Eric Yuan, Vice President, Global Strategic Partners, SailPoint Detecting risk in an organization is harder than ever before. With a mostly virtual workforce accessing, creating, and storing company and customer confidential information both locally and in cloud storage solutions, the threat surface is more expansive than ever before. […]

Three Key Takeaways From Edgile’s Recent Webinar “The Power Behind the SailPoint and Microsoft Partnership”

Authored by: Gretchen Wichmann, Managing Director at Edgile, Identity Practice Leader  Identity programs sit at the center of the modern security strategy. Developing the identity strategy and successfully running identity programs—not projects, but actual, robust programs—remains a top priority for many organizations. This leaves program execution an active assignment in today’s dynamic enterprise environment that includes a growing number of people, […]