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Three Questions with Sr. Customer Success Manager, Tony Dahl

Tony Dahl is a person of many talents. “Colorful, interesting and always challenging” – that’s how she describes her journey to SailPoint. She’s owned a catering company, worked in real estate, and managed marketing for a civil engineering company, to name just a few of the many hats she has […]

Managing AWS Glue Costs and DPU Capacity with Glue Job Metrics

What is AWS Glue?  According AWS developers guide – “AWS Glue is a fully managed ETL (extract, transform, and load) service that makes it simple and cost-effective to categorize your data, clean it, enrich it, and move it reliably between various data stores and data streams”. AWS Glue is serverless, […]

In Favor of the Shift

A spring without baseball allows time for reflection about the big issues in life—about what really matters. As a result of this past empty April, I’ve come to a realization: the defensive shift is good for baseball. The defensive shift occurs when the defense plays out of its typical alignment. […]

Your Workforce Has Changed, So Must Your Identity Strategy

No organization could have foreseen the drastic impact the current pandemic has had on their business. With the economy roaring along just a few months ago, the look of today’s workforce couldn’t be further from reality—but it’s now become the new normal, and organizations need to adjust their identity strategy […]

Is excessive data making your business dangerously overweight?

Are you feeling gluttonous? Bloated? Overweight? We’re not talking about your diet in the Coronavirus shutdown period, but the data on your server. For years, you could have been accumulating information on customers, partners and clients that is now bursting from your data seams. We’ve always held data as the […]

SailPoint Executive Book Club: Paul Trulove, CPO

This week we sat down with Paul Trulove our Chief Product Officer to learn more about the type of books he reads and recommends. During our conversation, we learned that he is a big fan of historical fiction and is an avid reader. What is your favorite book of all […]

In the post-Covid world, organizations will have to revise their business models: Part 2

In the post-financial crisis of 2008, institutions that quickly changed their business models faster to adapt to the situation found their earnings rise 10%, while those that simply sought to return operations identical to pre-crisis felt a 15% retraction in addition to extensive processes reduction of employees. This adaptation is […]

Three Questions with Senior Marketing Manager Fiona Chow

Sometimes your career takes a different direction. This couldn’t be truer for SailPoint’s Senior Marketing Manager Fiona Chow. Based in Hong Kong, Fiona’s career journey didn’t take a straightforward path. Interested in computer science at a young age, Fiona spent countless hours programming. Even though she thought she would be […]

What Identity Governance is (Not)

I often catch articles in my newsfeed that are supposedly about identity governance, but upon reading the fine print, they invariably wind up being about access management. These articles are all missing the bigger picture – access management is essentially the ‘badge reader’ of identity, the granting of access to […]

Protocol-based connectors enable broad integration

Connectivity is at the heart of SailPoint Identity and Access Governance. IGA program managers see significant increases in business value as they integrate highly critical applications, in higher quantities, under governance. Our integrations fall under two categories: Named application connectors – These are out of the box integrations with a […]