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Our Path to 60 Releases Per Week

Continuous Something or Other is on the mind of every engineer working in the Cloud and SaaS space. Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment (or is it Delivery!?). Everything must be Continuous. This is for a good reason. CI/CD is table stakes for reducing the risk of changes in a rapidly evolving codebase. It is very difficult to achieve high reliability and high velocity of change without it. CI/CD is no longer a cutting edge, progressive concept, and should be a given on all cloud-based software. However, how do you get there? It may be table stakes, but it’s still not easy. In this blog, we will outline the path SailPoint’s SaaS products took to get to rapid, hands-off deployment of code changes.

The path to a high volume of deployments is paralleled by the path to microservices. Breaking up large applications is not enough; the code must be built to be testable. Major changes must be released in a gentle and safe manner with support for rolling back in case of unforeseen failures. It is not enough to do unit and integration testing. Changes must be tested after being deployed to Production as well. When we get all of these pieces in place, we start to benefit from greater organizational efficiency and velocity.

Learn about our path to 60 Releases Per Week over on Medium.