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One Year Later with SailPoint’s Idea-Sharing Portal

One year ago, we launched our global Ideas Portal, a place for the SailPoint community to share ideas, observations and even vote on product updates and modifications. We essentially created a product democracy, driven in part that it is always my, and SailPoint’s, No. 1 priority to listen to our customers. So, we put a more formal and transparent process in place to listen in real-time—and share you did.

Our customers, partners and SailPoint crew created over 2,500 ideas alone in 2021. The product team took nearly half of the ideas received in the year for consideration, research, and implementation. Today, nearly 400 ideas are now in production. That’s the power of listening, and I take great pride in seeing my team taking feedback and putting into action—quickly.

Some ideas we received that stood out to me over the last year are included below. Apologies in advance that this might be a little specific, but talking identity security shop is one of my favorite pastimes, especially with customers.

  • A pharmaceutical customer asked us to include a search functionality for accounts
  • A retail customer asked us to include user feedback surveys in their product to help with UI efforts
  • A higher ed customer asked us to update password expiration process
  • A technology customer asked us to uncap a specific number of items when utilizing a bulk review

And the list goes on. I’d like to also tease that with our upcoming product launch, a customer just might see one of their ideas in action… so stay tuned. But turning to the year ahead, I look forward to seeing more ideas from all over the world. Particularly, I’d like to hear from our customers in EMEA and APJ—what innovation is waiting to be built by simply sharing a pain point, idea, or modification to an existing process? The thought excites me, the product team, and the entire SailPoint crew.

As I have said before to many customers and partners, innovation can come from the littlest seed, so plant them now. We are ready to till. 💪

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