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New Year, New Security

We’re all settling into our new year’s goals and putting our plans into action. For those of us in security, there is a barrage of new year ‘must-dos’ and doomsday scenarios thrown at us. Before you react, take time to step back and think about what you can do that will be of benefit to you not just this year, but in the years to come.

It’s not just about security, though of course, that is a critical component of business operations. Our security goals must also meet our business needs. We can’t plan for security without also considering how our plans will affect the business.

In this season of ‘new year, new you,’ what we should be doing is evaluating where we are and where we are going before we turn to the avalanche of information pummeling us into the future. These are a few questions to ask yourself as you set yourself up for business and security success.

Are you compliant?

While 2018 might go down in history as the year of GDPR, it is only the tip of the data privacy iceberg.  This is made more complicated by the exponential growth of data and users that run today’s business. Your current security infrastructure should be equipped to take on regulations, both new and old, as your business scales. So ask yourself, are you compliant and will you be when the next regulation is introduced?

Are you efficient?

As we always say, it’s not enough to merely be compliant – it’s a balancing act to reach compliance and security while meeting the needs of the business. The icing between all of those layers that we are all trying to bake to perfection is efficiency. Security rarely makes anyone’s job easier, but it is possible to put the proper controls in place to bring efficiency to your security infrastructure and minimize pain points for the end users. Does your current infrastructure support the lifecycle of an employee, partner, contractor or bot, by simplifying the process as they move from one stage to another? Are you spending a lot of time on manual processes to manage the users in your organization?

Are you empowering your workforce?

We find that this question often gets left in the dust, as the race toward compliance and security takes place. This question might be the most critical question to ask when setting goals. When your employees are empowered, your pool of resources is so much stronger and by extension so is your security. In security, compliance and business, there is strength in numbers. Giving employees the access they need when they need it, reduces the fatigue from processes they often have to face to even be productive. In fact, we know that more than half of employees see IT as a source of inconvenience for them, and they’ll often skirt around those processes altogether. Are you truly enabling your employees to get their jobs done without cumbersome processes getting in the way?

Answering these questions and the ones that inevitably follow is not easy. That’s where we come in. We are here to help you navigate these questions and point you in the right direction so that your security new year’s resolutions don’t fizzle. From now through March, we’re hosting live, weekly product demonstrations – where you can connect with a SailPoint subject matter expert to learn how identity governance can address your security, compliance and efficiency goals for the new year.

See the full schedule below to our weekly live demos and set yourself up to meet your security goals.