Navigate 2022, Identity Security: Uncompromised, To Kick Off in October

There is enormous potential among global enterprises today as their organization rapidly transform and evolve to take advantage of new business opportunities, emerging technologies, and entirely new ways of working.  And because of that, identity security has emerged as the talk of the enterprise security industry. 

It has become THE foundation for secure digital transformation and acceleration. It is critical to protecting the crucial link between technology and identities, mitigating potential cybersecurity risks and ensuring only the right identities have access to the right technology at all times. The companies who achieve the most success – securely – do not compromise in how they approach identity security, putting it at the core of enterprise security efforts.  

To that end, SailPoint is putting together the must-attend identity security conference of the year—Navigate 2022—a forum for critical stakeholders worldwide on how to drive successful business outcomes through the proper identity security foundation. 

Navigate 2022 will take place from October 3 to 5 in the US. Spoiler alert: Navigate is hybrid this year; more on that later. Join us to understand how your business can put identity at the core of their security efforts, setting the business up for success in the long run. This is identity security: uncompromised.   

Registration for the industry identity security conference, Navigate 2022, Identity Security: Uncompromised, is live.  

This year’s event centers on going deep into the core of identity security, giving attendees THE identity security roadmap, including how the pace of adoption across industries is accelerating; and what success looks like when identity security is approached as best-in-class versus “light” or “good enough” identity security. All told, you’ll walk away understanding just how business essential identity security is both today and in the future; and, most importantly, what business outcomes you can expect across your business over time.   

As the enterprise environment gets increasingly complex—anywhere operations, cloud in all its forms, digital transformation IoT devices—identity security and visibility into who has access to what is more critical than ever. This makes Navigate 2022 such an important industry event, giving security stakeholders worldwide a collective chance to take pause and learn what it means to get to the core of identity security: uncompromised.   

Consider this your save-the-date to Navigate 2022, Identity Security: Uncompromised. More details to follow – keep an eye on our blog and social media channels for regular updates in the coming weeks and months.