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Navigate 2021 – The Identity Security Awards

Navigate ‘21 has officially kicked off in the Americas! Each year at the conference, SailPoint honors companies who are raising the bar for identity security by elevating their organization’s security posture and allowing their employees to focus on contributing to business impact. This year’s Identity Security Award winners are living out SailPoint’s core values: innovation, impact, and individuals. These values, known to the #SailPointcrew as the four I’s, are the cornerstone of our company culture and the foundational principles of our success.  

Today we honor three customers with the Impact, Innovation, and Individual awards. Not only are they leading the way with these values, but they are also demonstrating that identity security is essential to their business. Their success stories below revolve around automation, modernization, and cloud migration.

Without further ado….

Impact Award: T-Mobile

The Impact Award is given to a company that is focused on delivering a purposeful identity strategy which has direct, measurable impact to the organization and its users.

During a major merger with Sprint, T-Mobile set out to migrate from their legacy platforms to a more agile program built on industry best practices. Their new identity program is delivered on cloud infrastructure, resulting in a major reduction in fees and maintenance costs. Because of their strategic vision, T-Mobile is experiencing the benefits of a centralized identity program while confidently staying compliant and secure.

Innovation Award: Comcast

The Innovation Award is given to a company who is focused on running their organization better and faster, to make significant and innovative impact to their bottom line.

On their journey to ensure proper access controls, Comcast transformed their identity program from older point solutions with manual processes and stale data, to a holistic workflow platform. The platform, with new APIs and automated features, was up and running within one year. Comcast’s innovative identity platform is rooted in governance, automation, and scalability, all while balancing business needs with security for over 175,000 workforce users.

Individual Award: Veda Sankepally, Molina Healthcare

The Individual Award is given to an identity visionary who recognizes the need for identity to be the backbone of a security strategy and embraces the future possibilities of the industry.

Veda Sankepally, Manager of Platform Engineering at Molina Healthcare, has a passion for sharing her knowledge and expertise around security programs, which comes from the extensive experience she’s developed while building a winning program at Molina Healthcare. Through discussions with those just starting their program, participating in interviews and podcasts, and speaking at events, Veda never hesitates to share what she has learned.

Congratulations to our award winners! Thank you for your passion and dedication to building better, more impactful identity security programs.

Stay tuned next week for our EMEA and APJ winners at Navigate!