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Navigate 2021: Confidence Redefined — A Roadmap to Identity Security

We’ve all heard the phrase, “fake it till you make it,” and likely have used this mindset a time or two to land a job interview, to overcome fears ahead of a presentation, or even when putting together a strategy at work. Over the last two years, many of us probably also had to fake being “put together”— whatever that looks like —as we figured out how to work and live at home simultaneously. While that mantra might work in some ways, when it comes to your organization’s security strategy there is no faking it till you make it. And, if the last year taught us anything, we can’t fake a good, I mean great, security strategy.

Today, I’m pleased to share a roadmap of our global, annual identity security conference. We are back at it with Navigate 2021: Confidence Redefined. As one of the largest gatherings devoted entirely to identity security, this year participants from all over the world can attend the conference in their time zone. As you guessed, we are going virtual again this year. From the start on Aug. 17 to the end Aug. 26, we’ve extended Navigate ’21 beyond one day to accommodate our crew in other parts of the world, including days for EMEA and APJ, ensuring we are meeting our customers’ needs no matter where they live.

Register for Navigate ‘21 here.

Since I began at SailPoint a few months ago, I have looked forward to my first Navigate. I find it quite exciting that people from all over the world — our customers, partners, and evangelists — will connect in one setting thanks to our digital hub. Here’s what you can expect at Navigate ‘21.

First Stop: Our Hotly Anticipated Product Announcements

It’s all about innovation. We hope that each attendee comes away from Navigate ’21 with a clearer picture of how identity security can enable their enterprise securely. We have some new product announcements up our sleeve.

This year alone, we announced several new product features and capabilities, including securing SaaS apps/cloud access and streamlining the user experience. During the conference, we will have more product announcements that align with how we view the future of identity security.

But if our feature product demos tell us anything, it’s that here’s a sneak peek of what we have in store:

  • Investigate new investments in workflow, events, APIs & tooling
  • View the integration of SailPoint and ServiceNow to understand how to improve efficiency of IT teams
  • Walk through how Legos can inspire your next access model

Second Stop: Our One-of-a-Kind Keynotes

To help lay the Navigate ‘21 foundation, here are this year’s keynotes.

Mark McClain, our CEO, will kick off the conference with his keynote, Confidence Redefined. In this talk, Mark will eloquently detail how you can find and harness a new level of security confidence in your business to ensure resilience and continuity.

Matt Mills, our President of Worldwide Field Operations, will join Mark and Grady Summers for a meeting of the minds to discuss the current state of the market and what we see within enterprises.

Grady Summers, EVP of Product, will break away from the group and deliver his keynote, From Vision to Reality: Driving the Future of the Identity-drive Enterprise. Learn how to stay ahead of the curve with innovation. Grady may or may not have a little trick up his sleeve to explain this one. Hint: a race car is involved. Our CISO Heather Gantt-Evans will join Grady after his keynote to discuss several use cases that are identity-driven.

**SPECIAL GUEST KEYNOTE** Yossi Ghinsberg, an adventurer and internationally renowned author and humanitarian, will inspire us in his keynote, Jungle Survival Skills- Adapting to Change During Uncertain Times. This keynote is based on his international bestseller Jungle, now a featured film directed by Greg McLean and starring Daniel Radcliffe. Yossi will give us insight on how to navigate the “lost in the wilderness” feeling many have experienced.

Third Stop: Jam-Packed Sessions

Our goal with Navigate ‘21 is to provide a forum for important conversations among identity practitioners and newcomers alike. To help you sift through the breakout sessions, we’ve broken them down by persona – if you’re a CISO or CIO, a Chief Risk Officer, VP or Director of Security or a Systems/Identity Administrator, we have content geared just for you.

Here are a few sessions I am looking forward to (there are many more fantastic sessions, over 100 hours in fact, but for time’s sake, I will provide you with a sampling).

  • A Hacker’s View of Your Identity Program
  • SaaS Management Strategy for Security Leaders
  • A CISO View: Identity Security is the Foundation of a Security Program
  • Maturity Model 101: Accessing your Identity Security Program
  • Call Me Mark Janell: Digital Identity Lessons from a Fake ID
  • Identity Security Market Trends

…. And much more, including customer sessions with GM on how we stand together to drive the world forward, including why GM chose SailPoint for their identity security solution. We will have more Navigate content coming out around our customer sessions at a later date. You can keep up with all Navigate ‘21 content here.

Pit Stop: Other Fantastic Call-Outs

Developer Day

I am thrilled for our first-ever Developer Day at Navigate ’21. Join the SailPoint Developer Community on Aug. 19 to learn about our community and how to make your very first API call to SailPoint. There will also be developer-focused Q&A sessions during the conference to get your questions answered by experts in real-time.

Women in Identity Panel

Navigate would not be the same without our Women in Identity panel. In the sixth installment of Women in Identity, learn what it means to be a trailblazer every day and how you can carve your own path by staying curious, humble, and hungry. I have the honor of hosting the panel this year and talking with three incredible women about their experience being everyday trailblazers. Everyone is welcome.

Register for Navigate ‘21 here. For those planning to follow the event on Twitter, the official hashtag is #SPNav21.

Here is to the future of identity security. I can’t wait to meet you all.  

Feel free to connect with Wendy on LinkedIn.