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Navigate ’19: Our Keynote Speakers

They say the best way to teach someone is through storytelling. And at this year’s SailPoint Navigate Conference, we are committed to educating our attendees through the power of a good story. If you can join us in Austin for our annual user conference—Navigate ‘19—you will not be disappointed with the two guest speakers on tap to help us rethink our identities, in a digital and physical sense. Our Navigate ‘19 keynote speakers are none other than computer scientist Jennifer Golbeck and multimedia artist Phil Hansen.

First up, we have Jennifer Golbeck, an associate professor in the College of Information Studies at the University of Maryland. What’s neat about Jennifer is that she is focused on how we interact with seeing our information online. In this nascent category of study, Jennifer’s research focuses on the inner workings of Internet tools (that so many of us use daily) to understand the long-term effects our choices and actions will have when we put our personal information online for the world to see. And the cherry on top, her TED talk was named one of the most powerful talks of 2014. You won’t want to miss it.

Next, on the agenda, Phil Hansen. Phil has quite the story. If you don’t recognize Phil’s name, you might have seen his art. Millions of people have seen Phil’s artwork on TV and the web, but his dedication his craft almost came crashing down after a diagnosis. As an art student, Phil’s intense style of pointillism led to a tremor in his hand and a diagnosis of nerve damage. Defeated, Phil almost gave up until a doctor suggested that he “embrace the shake.” From that moment on, Phil had to relearn what it meant to be an artist and how to embrace personal limitations that could have held him back. His keynote at Navigate ‘19 is also something you won’t want to miss. Who hasn’t almost given up when life throws those inevitable curveballs?

Navigate is one of the largest gatherings devoted entirely to identity governance. This year’s guest keynotes offer us a diverse range of inspiration on a personal level, from overcoming setbacks to setting ourselves up for a bright future when it comes to our digital footprint. We look forward to seeing you in Austin this June!

Still need to register? Register for Navigate ’19 here. We’re offering $200 off registration through April 30th!

For those planning to follow the event on Twitter, the official hashtag is #SPNav19.

See you in Austin!