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Mr. Cooper’s Identity Governance Team Wins Big

We love to celebrate our customers! Mr. Cooper’s Identity Governance Team was named the Cybersecurity Team of the Year for the 2021 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards. They were tasked with replacing their homegrown identity tool with an automated program built on SailPoint. Only catch? They had to do it in just 4 months. By working overtime, collaborating effectively, and keeping their eye on the prize they made it happen. Their dedication and focus on completing this difficult and time sensitive task deserves this praise and recognition!

Mr. Cooper is one of the largest home loan servicers in the U.S. with more than 3.5 million customers. Their homegrown identity tool relied heavily on manual processes that weren’t sustainable for the growing business. They needed an automated identity platform that would ensure they were staying secure and compliant while scaling with the ever-changing business needs.

In just 4 months with the help of Pathmaker Group, Mr. Cooper’s Identity Governance Team had migrated off their homegrown solution and were up and running on SailPoint just in time for their SOC1 and SOX audits. Previously these reviews took 4-5 weeks and involved cumbersome manual processes to reconcile the data for the audits. With SailPoint in place, this process is now automated and takes under 2 weeks to complete.

Mr. Cooper’s Identity Governance Team’s hard work and perseverance increased the security posture of the company and reduced unnecessary access to applications and tools throughout the organization. Auditors have also gained confidence in the overall security program and their adherence to compliance. By enhancing the program and making it easier for access reviews and approvals, the end user experience has greatly improved. Way to go Mr. Cooper’s Identity Governance Team! We are excited to see what you accomplish next in your identity journey with SailPoint.