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Innovation that Cuts Through the Clutter

If you’ve spent any time with me (or anyone else at SailPoint for that matter), you’ve heard me reference our core values, also known as the ‘Four I’s’. These values run deep in our company, and I believe they have been significant contributors to our success. Each of these values plays an important role in our relationship with our employees, customers, investors and partners. I’m gratified to see how well they have served us over the years, as they provide an anchor for us through times of change, growth and opportunity.

One of the values that we focus on each day is innovation. Our customers and partners are constantly looking to us to help them anticipate ‘what’s next’ in identity, which is why we are 100% laser-focused on doing just that: anticipating the next big thing (or things) on the horizon and providing the best identity solution to address the need. So, it was with great honor that we accepted an award at the 2018 RSA Conference for being the “Most Innovative IAM Company” by Cyber Defense Magazine in their annual Infosec Awards program. While we certainly don’t need a trophy to remind us of our steadfast commitment to innovation, it is always great to receive such industry validation.

We have a rich history of innovating in this industry, and we continue to do so, driving the next frontiers in identity. A large part of this innovation is expanding our understanding of the relevant components of governing identity: Users are not just employees – they’re contractors and partners, and, increasingly, software bots. Applications are deployed not just on-premises in data centers, but also in public and private clouds, and delivered by managed service providers. Data is proliferating far outside the reaches of structured databases and the need to manage it better is now reaching near-critical levels: information is stored any place it can be stored – and often without oversight.

We must be prepared for these new frontiers of identity, and the only way we can do this is through innovation, which is part of SailPoint’s DNA. We have a history of revolutionizing identity governance and our recognition as “Most Innovative IAM Company” reinforces that. We exist to serve our customers’ identity needs, and will continue to work harder, think bigger and innovate in revolutionary ways to achieve that goal.