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Mistaken Identity Today: Cookies, Privacy and the Olympics

Extra, extra hear all about it! The Mistaken Identity podcast is back in action, and today we are introducing a new weekly series ironically named Mistaken Identity Today that will bring you the juiciest news in cybersecurity.

Fear not, as we will still keep bringing you great conversations with the smartest minds in the industry, but in between those episodes, we’ll have a news check in to keep our dear listeners in the know on all things security. You will also hear some new voices as Mistaken Identity spreads its wings even more, including (but not limited to) our news team, Natalie Reina and Hannah Giles.

But enough about us! Here’s what’s happening in security this week.

Ready to dive deeper into the stories that caught our attention this week? The headlines shared in this week’s Mistaken Identity Today podcast are linked below:

Google wants to phase out support for third party cookies in Chrome within four years 

Twelve Million Phones, One Data Set, Zero Privacy

Pre-Olympics cybersecurity exercise kicks off in Tokyo