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Mistaken Identity Podcast: Go Blue? The Customer Experience

Loma Miller joins us to talk about the “customer experience” (16:31)— from pizza to haircuts to University of Michigan Football (yes, we covered a lot of ground.) Hannah Giles and Natalie Reina cover the headlines (2:38), which include a return to prominence by Ashley Madison, how Twitter can allow others to see your phone number without your consent, and the impact of the Coronavirus on an inbox near you. Finally, Loma runs the gauntlet of a new segment: “10 Questions.” It’s a cornucopia of coverage on this episode of Mistaken Identity. [Our producers have asked us to note, without editorial commentary,  that Michigan went 9-4 this past year.]

2:38    Headlines
4:56    News Discussion
16:31  Main Discussion (“The Customer Experience”)
37:21  10 Questions