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Mistaken Identity: Overheard at Identiverse

In June 2018, the world found its focus split between two events that might alter the fate of nations: the World Cup in Moscow and Identiverse in Boston. David Lee and Mike Kiser, noting the relative lack of media coverage for one of the preeminent identity gatherings of the year, journeyed to the fair city of Boston to rectify this wrong. In this episode of Mistaken Identity, they have an in-depth discussion with Optiv’s Richard Bird about how identity in the digital world must mirror the physical world, whether the CMO should own identity, how social identity can be the source of truth, and how the Beastie Boys’ “Sabotage” can enable audiences to receive new ideas.


Headlines include cryptomining as the new hotness, an epic marketing-based breach, and how California is attempting to ensure that you have the right to be forgotten. Finally, Mike argues for worldwide adoption of “Collective Restoration.”


Needless to say, it was an epic week up in Massachusetts. (Note: no locals were (permanently) harmed in the production of this episode.)