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Mistaken Identity: A Time For Everything

Amidst the current heatwave, David Lee and Mike Kiser review the late summer identity landscape. They (well, Mike) propose a strategy for paying for the recent series of compliance-related fines by eliminating the entire public relations department, contemplate four days in a Dominican jail with John McAfee, and explore what the future holds sans Botox via the recent FaceApp debacle. [Note: no privacy terms were harmed in the recording of this podcast.] Although we’ve used this label before, this is a “very special” episode, as is it’s David’s final time hosting Mistaken Identity; the cast and crew wish him well in his new adventure. Have no fear, though, faithful listener — Mistaken Identity will continue to inform and delight with all things identity, like a cold spring-fed pool in the heat of a late Austin summer. (And yes, we’re taking the rest of the day off to go jump in Barton Springs.)