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Millicom Builds Transformational Identity Security Program

Authored by Katherine Cola

Millicom is a leading provider of cable, mobile and high-speed broadband services throughout Latin America. John Masserini, Global Chief Information Security Officer at Millicom, recently sat down with SailPoint to explain why identity is central to his organization’s overall security strategy. 

While initially driven by compliance requirements, the need for a uniformed way to automate, manage, and govern access in real-time became evident. With a new focus on ensuring employees and contractors had the right levels of access to the right applications to do their jobs, John set forth an identity program that made provisioning access easy and secure.  

Automated provisioning simplified access and provided confidence to Millicom’s IT organization that corporate policies were being enforced efficiently. It also laid the foundation for Millicom’s information security and business transformation strategy. In the video below, John explains more about modernizing the access process and its impact on business transformation. Check it out!