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Learning the ropes: How SailPoint’s learning and development programs help crew members get ahead 

Have you ever started a job knowing exactly what to do right out of the gate? Neither have we. 😊 Even well-versed industry gurus face learning curves in new environments, from figuring out new tools to navigating company culture.  

What’s better than an opportunity to learn from co-workers who’ve been in the same shoes? The SailPoint Buddy Program provides newcomers with a peer mentor to make sure they have the “inside scoop” on all things SailPoint. So, whether looking for a sounding board for the first big project they’re assigned or getting the scoop about Taco Tuesday, SailPoint’s Buddies has the new crew covered. Think of a Buddy as a built-in work BFF.  

Mac McGinnis joined the #SailPointCrew in April 2023 as a Digital Sales Representative. He shared, “My buddy has been phenomenal as I’ve gotten acclimated in my role. He is always there to answer my questions – and no question is too big or too small. It’s been so helpful to build this instant connection on my team as I continue learning the ropes.” 

What comes next?  

Work friendships aren’t just for new joiners – internal networking and support are important at every level. As the new crew members get their sea legs, they find opportunities for additional peer-to-peer support. SailPoint managers are invited to Monthly Manager Meetups (internally known as “M3” sessions).  

“Even before COVID and what’s become our hybrid work model, we wanted a way to connect people leaders with one another so they could share strategies for navigating today’s leadership challenges,” Christine Gilberto, Director of Crew Member Success, said.  

“Discussion topics can range from motivating our crew to leading a multi-generational team, and we often see folks sharing tips or insights after their sessions in our People Manager Slack channel,” she added. “Making connections and expanding your network across the organization is especially important as asynchronous work becomes the norm.”  

Participants rotate groups every six months to keep the experience fresh for everyone. Expanding your network at work? Always a good idea.  

Sounds good, what about more formal training?  

For people leaders looking to level up even more, SailPoint offers “Leading the SailPoint Way” (LTSPW). A 3-day program, LTSPW covers everything from leading through SailPoint’s four Core Values to our Diversity & Inclusion programs, onboarding, performance management, feedback, development, rewards and more. It touches virtually every part of a manager’s responsibilities and coaches them in the best ways to help their teams thrive and grow.  

“Programs like M3 and Leading the SailPoint Way don’t just benefit our leaders,” Christine pointed out. “The trickle-down effect enhances the experience of every crew member on our team so we can each perform at our best.”  

We strike a balance between formal training, peer knowledge sharing, and independent learning opportunities to ensure there’s something for everyone when it comes to learning. 

“We really want to meet people where they’re at,” Christine noted. “There are ranges of experience levels at SailPoint. Having a variety of programmatic approaches ensures we’re able to accommodate every crew member. Learning and development can’t just be one-size-fits-all.”  

What does that look like in practice?  

Glad you asked. That’s where SailPoint’s partnerships come in: we provide learning platforms for individual contributors and people leaders alike, including a series of easy 2-minute daily lessons delivered via email on topics such as productivity, resilience, and structuring effective one-to-one meetings. Our partners also provide deeper dives on topics like coaching, strategy, and feedback. Crew can access the platforms at any time, and the learning applies to all levels of development.  

Learning happens organically throughout various functions in the company. Our Sales Enablement team hosts regular sales and marketing training; our product and engineering teams devised a program called ‘Building Better Captains’ to address challenges specific to Engineering leaders. We even have a Toastmasters chapter to help our crew improve their public speaking skills. Every crew member brings a learning mindset to the job, helping to identify learning opportunities and fill any gaps.  

“We’re a culture of self-starters here at SailPoint,” Christine emphasized. “Our crew is eager to learn and we’re constantly looking for new opportunities to help them hone their skills and thrive in their roles.” 

L&D is a key driver of our innovation. It’s a competitive edge and helps us stay at the forefront of our industry. Leading by a nautical mile, that’s the SailPoint way.  

Interested in joining our crew? Check out open opportunities on our careers site.