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Leading with Intention: Impact

Since day one at SailPoint, we have been steadfast in our belief that our team’s success would be measured not by how much activity each person generated, but by the impact of that activity on the company’s success.   

But as COVID-19 and racial tension put important issues into focus in new ways, the word impact holds a renewed meaning and sense of power. 

While there is so much about the world that has changed, that foundational idea on what impact means remains true. However, the way we apply impact in our day-to-day life has never been more relevant or positively disruptive.  

As I think about all four of our values in the context of 2020, I see a wealth of opportunity to increase our positive impact as a company, and for our employees to make an even bigger impact on our SailPoint community and beyond.  

Call these times what you want –a new normal, uncertain, unprecedented. I see them as a call to action. Acting on, celebrating, evolving the word impact allows us to make Innovation possible, strive for Integrity and empower Individuals.  

That idea has never been put to the test more than in recent months. As a leader, I have seen our team approach many new and unfamiliar challenges with action that lead to positive outcomes for our customers, employees and community.   

As COVID-19 upended the way we worked we had to ask ourselves many questions and then answer them just as quickly.  

How can we make our customers lives easier? How do we give our employees’ the power to balance their work and personal lives with all these unexpected disruptions? What does our community need?  

Whether it was donating breakfast tacos and masks to our local healthcare workers, releasing product updates to enable more agile remote work for our customers or providing more resources and support for the SailPoint crew, we knew how we responded would directly impact our SailPoint community.  

In the arena of diversity and inclusion, we found some new ways to make an impact within our company, in the broader tech community, and in many of our local communities, arguably with more passion and interest than we have seen in years past. And, we’re going to do more. If we have learned anything through both these ongoing crises, it is that impact speaks loudest through action and investment. For business leaders, that sounds pretty familiar, doesn’t it?  

We took a new approach to how we donated and communicated to make a true impact on the SailPoint community, something you can read more in depth about in my blog on Integrity.  

That is just the start, because at the heart of all of this is impact. And impact is not an item any of us should ever check off on our to-do lists. Impact, when treated as a verb, has a powerful rippling effect.  

As I look back on well over a decade of the impact our company, and the Individuals (more on that later) that make up SailPoint, has made, it’s exciting, thought-provoking and motivating to revisit what the word will mean to us as we move forward in these uncertain times.  

I still believe that every business has a responsibility to empower and improve the lives of the stakeholders they serve, from employees to partners to customers and investors. That is why we are giving renewed commitment to this core value. Finally, let me leave you to wrestle with a (hopefully) challenging question: what impact are you making?