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Keep Moving Forward

There are many folks who would like to think that the ‘dust has settled’ on the recently heightened awareness and focus on diversity, inclusion and equality.  While the headlines may have faded, there is still much progress to be made.  And the reality is that it won’t happen overnight. 

SailPoint has long been focused on living our core values – equality of opportunity, serving our customers, and giving back in our communities. Our culture of simply doing what’s right for all of our stakeholders has certainly had positive outcomes.  Our analyses of pay equity, retention and promotion rates for historically underrepresented populations demonstrate that’s true. 

But we can always do better.  Continuing to drive a culture of inclusion and belonging for a diverse crew requires our commitment on the long game, with consistent and intentional action. SailPoint’s multi-year approach is our roadmap to attract and retain crew members from all backgrounds who are able to show up for SailPoint as their most authentic selves, in the most authentic ways.   

Our commitment to equity was already incredibly aligned with our ‘Four I’ core values, particularly around the ‘Individuals’ core value that says: ‘We value every person:

People are at the core of everything we do. Whether it’s an employee, a customer, a partner or a stakeholder, we value the unique perspective and needs of every person. As a member of our community, we’re committed to making a positive impact by giving back and lifting people up with philanthropic projects and financial support.

In my last post, I talked about some of the things we’ve been committed to for years plus areas where we’re amplifying or building in new efforts meant to support change help us all improve.  These efforts are picking up tremendous steam, especially our ALL IN employee resource group which has been hard at work refining our charter and action plan built to drive ongoing improvements in all our efforts. Our ALL IN philosophy is simple: Everyone is important. Everyone is treated respectfully, no matter the background or culture, ability, age, ethnicity, gender identification, race, sexual orientation, religious belief, veteran’s status.

Everyone belongs.

This is a walk vs. run sport, where careful consideration, a lot of needed – yet often difficult – conversations and ongoing commitment is what will push us along, mile after mile.  The truth is, there probably is no ‘finish line’ and there certainly is no sprint.

It’s a long road, but we will keep moving forward.

Head over to our diversity, inclusion and belonging page to learn more.