Is Your Organization Experiencing An Identity Crisis With Its Identity Implementation?

With the end of the year upon us and next year’s planning in full swing, many organizations are going through an extensive security evaluation. Now is a good time to pause and assess if your organization is feeling well-prepared to mitigate the risks and unknown challenges that will be upon us next year. With many data breaches occurring due to compromised user accounts, which stem from lax or unimplemented governance controls, many organizations are taking a good hard look at their current identity implementation to determine their security confidence level. 

If you were to evaluate your current identity program and technologies, including access management and identity security solutions, and assign them a grade from ‘A’ to ‘F’ (A being the best and F needing some serious improvement), what grade would they receive? You might be quick to come up with an initial grade; but before you do that, I invite you to put some deep thought into this evaluation process. 

A good starting point might be to ask yourself what the initial intent was when implementing your identity solution. What problems or challenges were you having that you were looking to address, and has your current solution been able to meet these challenges? 

Here are a few additional questions for you to ponder: 

  • Has your identity vendor met their intended ROI targets?
  • Are you facing the daunting task of upgrading to a newer version, while still not having fully implemented the previous one?
  • Does your current solution have thealsosecure and govern access via IaaS environments such as  AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud.  Are these environments secured under your overall governance umbrella?  
  • Can you govern user (human and bots) access to all your applications, systems and data across your hybrid environment?
  • What about all of your unstructured data that is in the cloud?  Do you know what that is or event where it is?  That is needed as well for a true 360 degree view.   
  • What is your vendor’s current response times and customer satisfaction ratings?

If the grade you gave your current implementation is not leaving you feeling completely confident, then it may be time for you to consider a new approach. Whether it’s a legacy system your trying to upgrade, or even a current solution you’re still struggling to fully deploy, you may be in the midst of an ‘identity crisis’ if you’re not getting the return on investment you need and if there are gaps leaving your organization at risk. 

Changing to a new identity security solution may seem like a difficult choice to make. However, it may not be as difficult as you think after you consider the immediate improvements your security and compliance program can experience, as well as the cost savings realized, by using a solution that is optimized for your business. 

As the industry leader, SailPoint has helped hundreds of enterprise organizations migrate from their current legacy identity solutions and embrace new frontiers and technologies as they chart their identity course.  Some of the key benefits you can gain from migrating to SailPoint include: 

  • Govern all your digital identities, across your hybrid applications and data
  • Speed to deployment and fast time to value. Yes, I’m sure you were told this before but SailPoint is builtfor the cloudto simplify the deployment with flexible and configurable options to address specific identity-based needs. 
  • Connect and govern access to hundreds of applications and resources with our “out of the box” connectivity such as Workday, SFDC, SAP, and Epic to name just a few.
  • Create a secure and unified identity-driven ecosystem, by integrating with other identity and security technologies including Access Management, SIEM, GRC, etc.   

Add all of that along with our 15+ years of focus and industry experience, market leadership and our customer retention rating of 95%+ and you have a clear path. 

Now is the time to assess your current identity solution and get your identity strategy back on track! 

Learn why hundreds of organizations have moved over to SailPoint’s Identity Security solution. To schedule, a free consultation and personalized demonstration contact us at  [email protected] 

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