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Introducing SailPoint SaaS Management – Taking Security Beyond Just the Apps You’re Aware Of

You can’t secure what you can’t see. You can’t control what you don’t understand.  

This reality alongside the rapid pace of change our customers are facing on a daily basis is what fuels some of the exciting updates our team is launching this quarter. 

The future of work and employee efficiency lies within the Cloud and SaaS, which is a landscape that changes by the minute. Many companies have been trying to wrangle visibility of their SaaS footprint manually. One of the core issues of this is that it’s only focused on the known. If you are only focused on a core set of enterprise apps you are missing the bigger, more dangerous picture. SaaS is entering your environment daily – whether from employee sign-ups and shadow IT, to 3rd party integrations. All of this represents risk and a major headache when you don’t have proper visibility.  

The rapid adoption of SaaS applications isn’t slowing down. By 2022 nearly 90% of organizations will rely almost entirely on SaaS apps to run their business. Yet there are typically 3.5-4x as many SaaS apps in use than those IT is aware of. SailPoint aims to solve this challenge in our latest and upcoming releases. This is being driven by digital transformation and a “work from anywhere” model. SaaS is easier to implement and it scales with your employee needs. SaaS is a powerful accelerator for business efficiency and growth. You can read more about the practice of SaaS Management in our “What is SaaS Management?” blog series here. The first step to finding a way to enable SaaS adoption in a secure way is through visibility. 

If you don’t have complete visibility of all of the SaaS your employees are using, you are putting your company (and your job) at risk. SailPoint aims to solve this challenge in our latest and upcoming releases.  

Introducing SailPoint SaaS Management 

Building on the award-winning platform trusted by the most forward-thinking companies in the world, SailPoint is proud to introduce SaaS Management to our suite of products. This addition makes SailPoint the only Identity Security platform that can provide complete visibility across your entire software footprint, including rogue SaaS and shadow IT. 

SaaS Management centralizes and automates visibility of your entire software environment, not just the core apps you’re already aware of. The platform then aims to help Security and IT teams understand what’s happening in the SaaS apps in their environment… who has access and what they’re doing with that access. 

This new offering is helping companies shine a light in the darkest corners of shadow IT and to now expose all of the unknowns in their SaaS footprint. This opens the door for autonomous security and represents the future of identity. We’re continuously incorporating AI (artificial intelligence) to leverage the powerful data collected within our platform to power AI-enabled security and a frictionless employee experience.  

By understanding how users are accessing applications you enable more intelligent access decisions and can support a deeper level of least privilege within the SailPoint Identity Platform. This next level of visibility not only supports better security and compliance, but also translates into reducing costs related to unused or unnecessary access. 

What’s Next for SaaS Management 

SailPoint SaaS Management is available today and can even be tried out for free. Our team is also leveraging the powerful visibility and data from within SaaS Management alongside SailPoint’s suite of identity security capabilities. One example is exposing activity data within SaaS applications during the certifications process in SailPoint’s identity platform. For example, activity data regarding SaaS app usage by users will improve the efficacy of access review and certification efforts —- you don’t use it (access), then you should lose it. From here, we’ll be pushing out constant enhancements in the coming months like building out that activity visibility in other areas of SailPoint’s identity platform, exposing access history alongside activity data to give access reviewers deeper insight, and more.  


Additionally, we’re beginning to incorporate this rich data with our AI module to strengthen recommendations, access modeling, access requests and provisioning to support just-in-time access and revocation. Imagine that someone has received access to an application 6 months ago and they haven’t logged in – automated de-provisioning could remove that access, versus having to wait for it to be reviewed in a certification. If an employee tries to access an app they don’t yet have access to, SailPoint can detect that and automatically kick off the access request process. 

With all of that said, SailPoint’s new SaaS Management module represents a bright future for our customers as they take on the challenges of today and tomorrow. The best part is how easy it is to get up and running and start seeing value. SaaS Management integrates with the applications you already use to expand your visibility on how those apps are being used almost instantly. 

Try it Free! 

Whether you’re already a SailPoint customer and have a mature identity governance (IGA) program in place, or you’re just beginning to scale your security efforts, SaaS Management can deliver immediate value for your organization.  

Take a test drive with us here. Or contact our team in the chat below for a demo to learn more about how SaaS Management can make your team’s life easier and reduce risk in your organization.