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Improve Process Automation using SailPoint and Amazon EventBridge

These unprecedented times have impacted almost every organization and forced them to accelerate their digital transformation. This acceleration has also put additional strain on IT resources. This digital transformation, the changing workforce, and an ongoing wave of compliance and security requirements have introduced so many users, points of access, applications and data that it has become almost overwhelming for IT departments to keep up.  A human-based governance approach can only scale so much, and with it comes error in identifying risk.  To effectively address this, you need greater flexibility and adaptability in your identity security solutions and that equates to better process automation. 

That’s why in today’s new normal, organizations need to figure out how to work smarter not harder.  By creating custom workflow and integration options, you can seamlessly embed identity security within an existing ecosystem of applications.  Instead of supporting hundreds of cloud applications in disparate systems, connecting all these platforms into your existing system is the preferred way to go.   

In a recent survey sent out to organizations moving to the cloud, 91% indicated that they are still relying on manual processes to document and report user access and activities. These manual processes are time-consuming, require more IT resources and most critically, can create security gaps and blind spots.  Automating workflows and processes around securing access will ensure that you have a program in place that is protecting your enterprise and meeting all compliance requirements. 

To tackle today’s highly complex and dynamic application ecosystem together with a growing virtual workforce, organizations must take a security and compliance approach that’s built on automation. To help you easily integrate identity management into your AWS-based IT application ecosystem and automate processes easily, SailPoint is excited to announce our new AWS integration with Amazon EventBridge as part of SailPoint’s extensibility capabilities.   

This integration, together with SailPoint’s APIs and Event Triggers, will help you to connect to various SaaS applications without a significant amount of coding or development work.  This enables you to build rich integrations quicker and accelerate your time to success. You can customize your integrations and create custom workflows within an AWS environment without having to worry about API-based integrations and tedious API management.  The Amazon EventBridge framework combined with SailPoint’s APIs and event triggers provide you powerful customization capabilities.  As an example, using Amazon EventBridge, you can easily set up custom notifications in Slack any time a new employee joins your organization.  Or you could set up automated certification campaigns triggered by an employee changing roles. 

SailPoint and AWS are building upon our existing partnership to ensure that our mutual customers have a simple, efficient way to design a tailored identity management program that takes minutes instead of days and weeks. With SailPoint’s latest Amazon EventBridge integration, organizations can now spend less time on time-consuming technical complexity and more time setting up a personalized experience to solve challenging identity use cases. 

Here’s how the integration works: 

  • SailPoint sends an event to match an Amazon EventBridge rule, (e.g. an identity’s manager changes) 
  • That matched event is then sent to AWS Lambda which then calls an endpoint, like Slack for example, to generate a notification 
  • Alternatively, that event could be sent to Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) to send a simple text message or email  
  • Any number of AWS services, like Amazon SQS, Amazon Kinesis streams, AWS Lambda can be leveraged to create custom workflows or take specific action based on this event 

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Amazon EventBridge makes it much simpler to handle any changes or interesting events that are happening in SailPoint’s embedded identity solution within your organization.  A tailored solution can be created, and different applications can be connected to streamline the effectiveness of your identity governance solution within your AWS account.    

SailPoint and AWS together can help you secure your organization in the best way possible in today’s uncertain times. 

To see the SailPoint – Amazon EventBridge integration in action be sure to check out our joint Howdy Partner event on the AWS Twitch Channel on March 3rd  from 2-4pm PST.