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Improve Employee Experience and Security through Identity-Centric Service Delivery

How many times have we heard the old axiom that change is the only constant in life?  We certainly know this more than ever before with the displacement of millions of remote users in a matter of days.  The success of an organization is highly dependent on the satisfaction of its employees and their ability to adapt to their changing environment, circumstances and roles. That’s why it’s so important to quickly enable your workforce with the tools and applications they need, wherever they may be.

Employee satisfaction comes from simplicity and the timely self-service access to the applications, systems and data they need to perform their job.  Years ago, this is what we used to call Consumerization of IT.  Now it’s just common best-practice to ensure that there is a unified, easy to use, employee self-service experience across IT, HR, Facilities and across all applications with intelligent workflows.

With the overwhelming amount of user access requests to applications and data as well as all the other service requests, this is putting a huge strain on the IT helpdesk and hindering productivity across the organization.

A recent SailPoint Market Pulse survey identified that 50% of IT leaders’ time is spent on administrative tasks such as password resets and granting access to resources – talk about time-consuming and expensive!

To continue to improve upon this ease of use, secure access approach, SailPoint is excited to announce our new integration with ServiceNow® HR Service Delivery as part of the new Now Platform® Paris Release. . 

This integration expands on SailPoint’s vision of integrating with a wide variety of enterprise applications, processes and systems to ensure that users get the access they need and what better way to start than from the HR onboarding event. 

Over the past 8 years, SailPoint and ServiceNow have partnered together to ensure that our mutual customers have a variety of options for extending and integrating SailPoint Identity Governance into the ServiceNow IT Service Management platform and workflows.  With SailPoint’s latest ServiceNow integrations, organizations can provide their business users the same ServiceNow HR Service Delivery experience that they are familiar with for all their HR self-service access request needs.  Organizations can empower their users to get the access they need when they need it – securely and all directly within ServiceNow.

Here’s how the integration works:

  • SailPoint’s Service Catalog application is integrated with ServiceNow HR Service Delivery, enabling organizations to leverage ServiceNow as a single source of truth for all service requests including identity governance tasks beginning with provisioning access on day one.
  • When changes to a user’s access are made such as a change in role or department or even separation, SailPoint automatically adjusts and provisions their access through the rest of the ecosystem.
  • When a new hire onboards, a task can be automatically assigned to the manager to request additional access for the employee, which then kicks off the SailPoint workflow process and approval.
  • All access activity is then documented across the organization and provides compliance auditors the necessary information needed to demonstrate and prove compliance. 

By integrating SailPoint for Service Catalog with ServiceNow HR Service Delivery, organizations can benefit in the following ways:

  • Provides a single pane of glass for all service and new application requests and approvals.  This enables ServiceNow users to request access through the ServiceNow Portal. SailPoint then ensures that the request follows your organization’s approval and fulfillment policies – all automated and compliant. 
  • Enables the right user access to the right applications is easy and secure. This eliminates over  privileged access by automatically adjusting and removing user access as change happens, helping reduce risk while improving compliance and productivity.
  • Increases IT efficiency by automating routine provisioning so your team can focus on high-impact IT projects.  Can even automatically modify or revoke access as users change roles in the organization
  • Provides detailed audit-trails to demonstrate how access was handled, even during times of change.

It’s never been more important to provide your workers with the simplified, streamlined service and access they need.  But it also has to be controlled and secured following a least privileged access model.  This is why with the combination of SailPoint and ServiceNow working together you get the best of both worlds – delivering employees with the service experience they deserve while providing your organization with the visibility into all accounts, groups, and entitlement needed to ensure  comprehensive compliance, security and audit tracking in a single workflow.

For more information on SailPoint and ServiceNow, be sure to check out the SailPoint for ServiceNow webpage as well as SailPoint integration applications section of the ServiceNow Store.