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The Impact of Our Dedication to Customer Success

At SailPoint, one of our core values is Integrity, which we define as delivering on the commitments we make, both to each other and to our customers. This value is at the heart of what we do on the Customer Success team. Every day we’re working to meet and beat the expectations of our customers, and we’re also making sure we communicate with them every step of the way.

And because of the accountability and service we provide our customers, I’m proud to say our Customer Success program is also demonstrating one of our other core values, Impact, which we describe as measuring and rewarding results, not activity. As a true testament to our impact, SailPoint’s Customer Success team has been recognized by Gainsight™, the Customer Success company, with a prestigious Sally Award.

Gainsight™ gives the Sally Awards to organizations that have demonstrated excellence, efficiency, innovation and advocacy in Customer Success, and we’re honored to have been chosen as the winner in the Elements of Customer Success category. We accepted the award at the annual Pulse conference, the definitive conference in the Customer Success and Customer Experience industries, which we enjoy attending each year.

This award is meaningful to our team because it represents the pinnacle of recognition within the Customer Success industry. It was given based on our customer lifecycle and success methodology, which is proven successful with a 95 percent customer retention rate. This level of customer retention is practically unheard of in our industry, so this award is well deserved and happily received by our Customer Success team. I’ve always considered them to be exemplary, and now we can add award-winning to the list!