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The Power of Identity Makes Security and Compliance Accessible to All Enterprises

Enterprises of all sizes are competing in a world where agility and innovation are the name of the game. To stand up to the challenge, these organizations are finding new ways to leverage technology and automation to not only stay relevant but to also differentiate themselves from the rest. Adoption of new technologies can introduce new and additional security and compliance issues if not done with strong identity and security controls in place.

Many enterprises have discovered the power identity provides to effectively and efficiently manage this growing sea of complexity. However, there are just as many enterprises still lacking  identity-driven security and compliance programs due to past challenges including: time and effort to deploy, need for identity engineering talent, and lack of IT staff to administer these new identity-related tasks.

Already stretched IT and security teams are also finding themselves operating with manual provisioning and access certification processes that not only are inefficient but create a large gap in their security and compliance efforts.

We see this need especially in highly-regulated industries, where identity is needed to enforce and maintain governance policies.  However, with security and compliance regulations now stemming out and impacting enterprises of all sizes and industries, identity has become a more critical need to allow organizations to 1) see who has access to what, 2) determine who should have access and 3) understand how that access is being used.  While this may sound simple, it is indeed very involved.

The good news is that identity has now become even more accessible to all enterprises!  Years of identity experience and innovations are now baked in and provided as the industry’s most comprehensive SaaS-based identity governance solution with IdentityNow. IdentityNow empowers enterprises of all sizes to solve these challenges with accessible identity governance. This makes it possible for IT and security staff to perform sophisticated identity governance functions and to produce tangible return on investment quickly.

IdentityNow provides a solution that simplifies initial deployment and removes the day-to-day management of hardware and software infrastructure, while providing frequent and seamless updates pushed to the customer. It provides comprehensive identity governance of all users and applications, both on-premises and in the cloud.

Identity is Security. Identity governance solutions are foundational to strong security. By ensuring that everyone has the right access to the right resources and preventing un-needed user access to sensitive data, businesses are able to protect their most critical resources. IdentityNow provides instant visibility to this access-related information, allowing enterprises to quickly discover and remediate risky access and apply controls to prevent and mitigate damage from data breaches.

Identity is Compliance. With the growing number of regulations, it is imperative for organizations to be able to know and enforce who has access to what and periodically certify user access to prove compliance.  By allowing IT and security staff to quickly deploy automated access reviews and separation-of-duty (SoD) policies within minutes, the entire organization remains compliant. And when reviews are completed, reports can be quickly generated to demonstrate compliance to auditors.

Identity is Efficiency. The burden of time-consuming manual processes and expensive support backstops slow down the growth and profitability of an organization. Through its quick deployment and connectivity to both on-prem and cloud applications, IdentityNow allows all enterprises to automate provisioning for onboarding, role changes, and terminations, password management, and application access requests, alleviating helpdesk requests and enabling user productivity. Additionally, personalized identity management dashboards take the guesswork out of identity tasks.

By bringing the power of identity governance solutions to IT and security teams, IdentityNow is helping enterprise organizations of all sizes mitigate the risk of a data breach, eliminate compliance gaps, and increase overall business productivity.

Learn how you can start harnessing the power of identity by attending our “Thinking about Security AND Compliance? Think Identity!” webinar, on October 31, 2018 at 9:00am PT / 11:00am CT / 12:00pm ET.   Register here.