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Identity Security: The Foundation of a Successful Cybersecurity Strategy

Identity has transformed from a back-office function to becoming one of the most critical components of a company’s transformation strategy. But how can your company adapt if you do not know who has access to what systems, how they got that access, whether it is still relevant, and what they are doing with that access? 

Companies need a comprehensive intelligent identity platform that provides automation, streamlines your processes, and offers complete integration in order to have a successful security strategy. 

As companies strive to grow and earn customers’ trust, one of the best things a company can do is build a strong identity security foundation built on Zero Trust, Zero Deficiencies, and Zero Disruption. 

Join us for IdentityTV on April 6 as we explore how an identity platform needs to scale and adapt to meet the demands of any organisation required and dive into how a company can save cost and increase efficiency with an AI Identity-driven platform. 

IdentityTV, a live broadcast hosted by award-winning journalist Nadine Dereza, will explore how organisations need to place identity security at the heart of the digital transformation strategy with industry experts. Nadine will be joined by one of the world’s largest known brands to share how they turned to identity security to help build automation, streamline authentication, and place identity at the heart of its Zero Trust strategy.

To watch the live broadcast on April 6, go to to register.