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Identity is Security: Gone GDPR Phishing

Another week has come and gone, and in identity and security that means another flurry of headlines to sort through.

Let’s start with the biggest elephant in the room this week: GDPR. As companies try to get ahead of the first GDPR requirements, consumers are seeing a flurry of privacy notice updates – which hackers are now copying. A phishing campaign aimed at Airbnb guests was launched asking them to click on a link to accept new privacy policy based on GDPR. Leveraging a data protection regulation to steal data? Anything goes!

(This probably isn’t a bad time to encourage you to strengthen your defenses against phishing.)

While GDPR will affect global companies, including those in the US, both public and private organizations are facing changes in cybersecurity on the state and local levels too. From questionable legislation in Georgia to new CIOs across the country, changes are rampant in the government space.

There was another surge in discussion about the ever-present talent gap this week. One survey found that only 9% of millennials are interested in a cybersecurity career, sparking conversations around what will happen when the wave of retirement happens in a few years. Is it gamers who will finally solve this issue? The respondents to this survey from McAfee seem to think so.

We also saw several data breaches take place this week. Healthcare breaches affecting thousands occurred in both Oregon and Florida. Another 15,000 people were affected across the pond in a cyberattack on Sheffield Credit Union. Alaska was also added to the list of affected states in the 2016 election website hacks.

This cocktail of regulation, talent shortages and data breaches makes it clear that businesses must consider security more than ever these days. Even Warren Buffett is concerned.

Until next week, stay secure!

Editor’s note: At SailPoint, we know that identity is security, so we keep a pulse on what’s happening in cybersecurity every day. This weekly post features some of the biggest stories of the week and ones that may have flown under the radar. Check in each week for a news roundup and share what you’re reading with us by tweeting us at @SailPoint.