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Identity Security at LogMeIn

A lot of the security issues that organizations face can be linked to employees. Whether it is abuse of systems or access credentials that have been compromised. People have always been the first line of defense in security. Organizations need to have a clear view over who has access to what in addition to the other security measures in place such as firewalls and application monitoring to stay secure.

LogMeIn fully understands that having a robust identity program is critical for an organization. “If you lose control of identity you have no idea who can come into your systems and even the best firewall, the best physical security, the best application monitoring system is all for nothing, if you can’t control who has access to the core systems.” Ian Pitt, CIO and SVP at LogMeIn.

When LogMeIn started looking for an identity solution that would improve their security posture, they had a few key requirements that the solution needed to:

  • be SaaS-first
  • enable multiple systems globally
  • provide a centralized governance platform 
  • provide workflows and automation
  • AI & ML capabilities

LogMeIn chose SailPoint’s Identity Platform to enable their organization to meet their security goals and bring governance into one centralized platform. With SailPoint, LogMeIn has brought greater security by streamlining user provisioning and deprovisioning, reducing manual processes through automation, with an added bonus of making their auditor’s lives easier.

Don’t just take our word for it. In the video below, Ian Pitt CIO and SVP at LogMeIn discusses why identity security is critical for a sound security program and what he has done to enable their employees and protect the enterprise.