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Identity is Security: Was Your Data Exposed This Week?

Many members of the SailPoint Crew just came back from a long, but great, week at Identiverse. But before we head into the weekend, here are some headlines you may have missed. This week’s reminder: there is no perimeter (and no proverbial moat) around our data. Instead, there are identities and valuable data attached to them.

Let’s get the data breaches out of the way first. The week’s biggest breach, at Exactis, may have exposed the personal information of approximately every adult in America. Exactis, which is a marketing data firm, had consumer and business data on a public server that was compromised. So far, no credit card or social security numbers are in this data, but everything from personal phone numbers to whether a person smokes to what pet they have lives on this server.

Across the pond, if you’ve purchased a ticket from Ticketmaster, you should watch your credit card statements closely. A major breach affecting tens of thousands of people has hit Ticketmaster in the UK, which was caused my malware stealing pertinent information like logins, payment information and other data.

Wrapping up our around-the-world tour, our friends in Australia are keeping cryptocurrency in the hot seat, looking at a new threat:  cryptojacking. Essentially, hackers are getting into people’s computers and stealing processing power to validate cryptocurrency transactions. As our CTO and CISO said, “The adversary has moved from ransomware to malware mining because that’s where the dollars are.” It’s a complex issue adding to the already difficult issue of securing both personal and enterprise identities, applications, devices and data.

The good news amid these headlines is that, according to Indeed, cybersecurity job postings are up and searches for those jobs are outpacing the job posts. According to Indeed’s report, cybersecurity jobs increased 3.5 percent and job searches for cybersecurity roles were up nearly 6 percent. That’s a great sign for the cybersecurity talent gap.

And finally, rounding out headlines this week is an interesting question our CMO is posing to the industry: Is it time to rebrand cybersecurity? Her answer is a resounding, “Yes!”

Until next week, stay secure!