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Identity is Security: The Art of Adaptation

If one thing is certain in cybersecurity, it’s that adaptation is the one thing we must all master. Whether it’s new and evolving threats to the latest compliance requirement, the ability to shape shift to fit whatever challenge is next is so important. In reality, it often feels like this.

hole in the wall

That’s why this BBC article caught my eye this week, which highlights why we may need to rethink our approach to combatting hackers. The article really boils it down to the fact that we need to be “less rhinoceros and more chameleon” in order to prevent cyberattacks in the first place. That is one real draw for companies that have turned to identity as a way to secure their organization – while it is true that identity does help with detection and remediation, identity is really at the forefront of prevention when it comes to securing digital identities and their access.

In SailPoint’s home state of Texas, we also saw two new consumer privacy bills come up for consideration, known as the Texas Consumer Privacy Act and the Texas Privacy Protection Act. These bills mostly mirror the California Consumer Privacy Act, but it’s not the contents that we all have our eyes on. The real question that remains is, will there ever be a federal law that renders the state-by-state privacy adoption unnecessary?

And finally, back to the original topic of shapeshifting, our CEO Mark McClain shared how SailPoint has adapted, evolved and is now leading in not just identity but the broader cybersecurity sector, too. Read his full Q&A with the Statesman here.

That’s the scoop this week, but we would love to hear what news you read in the cybersecurity world.