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Identity is Security: Taking Security Everywhere You Go

As we talk about security, and we look at the stringent security policies organizations are implementing, I hope you’re taking similar precautions in your personal digital life. It’s not a fun chore, but this is becoming easier as new features are added to the apps we use every day. For example, this week Instagram announced they would support two-factor authentication to improve account security.

As we wade through the breaches of the week, we’re reminded why these protections are necessary. Just this week: a well-known cybercrime gang known as The Cobalt Group has continued targeting financial institutions, and in China, 500 million pieces of customer data at a major hotel was compromised. The layers of protection we put in place should simply be a habit we have across work and personal lives.

Governments are adding their own layers of security too. Germany announced this week that they will establish a cybersecurity research agency, allotting €200 million to bolster their overall cybersecurity and gain better control over it. In the US, the Federal CIO says they’re making changes to how agencies report on their cybersecurity posture to align with the IT modernization happening at the federal level. Meanwhile, California is under pressure to make changes to its recent privacy legislation before it takes effect in two years.

So this week’s reminder is that before you head into the weekend, you need to enable two-factor authentication across the personal apps you use.

Until next week, stay secure!