Identity is Security: Retail Therapy

Austin is the place SailPoint calls home, but this week there were some interesting conversations to be had about the cybersecurity industry in our hometown. Our CMO Juliette Rizkallah has worked in high tech and IT over the past 20 years, and she shared her insights on how Austin is coming up in the cybersecurity scene.

In reality, cybersecurity is truly injecting itself into every part of the world and every industry. We often talk about infrastructure, but the invisible infrastructure of society – our economy – is at just as much at risk of a cyberattack as anything else. The financial firm Moody’s released a report on some of the most economically vulnerable industries, which they ultimately plan to use to determine the credit-worthiness of an organization. This is a great example of how security has evolved to be a board-level issue that impacts every aspect of the business.

Another report that caught our attention this week was Akamai’s annual State of the Internet report. They uncovered some alarming credential stuffing data, sharing that there were over 27 billion credential abuse attempts over the course of eight months. It also revealed a different kind of retail therapy is happening in the hacker community, with around 10 billion of those attempts targeted at retail organizations. Those numbers remind us of one thing: user accounts are clearly a major path to what hackers are after.

With that, we leave you to wrap up your week. Before you do, let us know what security stories caught your attention this week!