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Identity is Security: Recipe for Disaster

We hear this time and time again—the threat landscape is continuously evolving. These cyber-threats are very apparent for financial services, as this headline points out. Credit and debit card data, online bank account credentials, and ATMs are all super attractive targets for hackers, for obvious reason. It should go without saying that defending against cyber criminals has become more and more of a moving target (for lack of a better word)—thanks to the blend of new technologies and increasingly crafty and innovative approaches that hackers adopt to hitting up their targets. All in – this can become quite the recipe for disaster…if you aren’t on your front foot, no matter what industry your business operates in. Nobody is safe from a data breach today. It’s the unfortunate reality we live in.

With that said, I think we can all agree cybersecurity is not for the faint of heart; now more than ever it requires ever-vigilant focus and a commitment to constant evolution. Another headline about AI piqued my interest—it talks about how AI can support cybersecurity leaders by helping them save time. Let’s be honest, we’re all far too busy today and this is particularly true of IT and security teams who are both time-stretched and resource-stretched. As this article points out, AI can be used to train computers in the “language of security” using techniques such as large-scale natural language processing. This has the potential to help in harvesting cybersecurity information, thus freeing up security analysts to work more efficiently and faster. This could translate to finding and stopping threats more quickly. If you are an IT security and identity pro, is this music to your ears?

Finally, AI is a hot topic in headlines all over the world of late. This year, SailPoint unveiled its vision for the future of identity, SailPoint Predictive Identity, that uses—you guessed it—AI and machine learning to help organizations evolve their approach to identity in some pretty impressive, highly differentiated ways. We recently sat down with one of the innovators behind this new approach to identity to hear more. Check out our Q&A with Principal Data Scientist Mo Badawy on the inspiration behind the work done to make our vision for SailPoint Predictive Identity a reality.

Until next week, cyber squad!