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Identity is Security: Permission Granted

The world is seemingly up in arms about privacy this week. Facebook continues to lead the parade of headlines highlighting how consumer privacy is essentially non-existent after the New York Times revealed that Facebook shared private messages and other data with more than 150 companies. Facebook was adamant that whatever data they shared, the users gave permission to share it. Whatever the case may be, this is truly a demonstration of how our data quickly spreads with just one or two clicks – and oftentimes we are giving more permission than we realize.

Another classic phishing attempt is also underway this week, and this one ticks all the boxes. Beware of an email that appears to be a receipt from the Apple App Store. It’s complete with a PDF containing links to a mock Apple login page, but it gets worse. The page prompts more than your login credentials – it also takes you to a page that asks for your date of birth and even your social security number. Be aware, and always double check who sent the email before taking any action and heavily vet where you’re entering in your information.

And if you’re looking for some good habits to keep your personal data safe, start with these seven habits.

Finally, as we close out this year, we’re really focused on signs of what’s coming next. Bots have truly taken off this year and are more than a buzzword. Our Chief Product Officer Paul Trulove shared his predictions, and while it may sound far-fetched that a robot could cause the next big data breach, he believes it’s not too far off. In 2019, will we see the first big bot-related breach?

It’s a question we’ll only know the answer to in time, but one thing we do know, is that identity is carrying us into 2019 and beyond.

We’ll see you next year for another weekly news recap!